Which Kreg Jig do I buy and where to get online?

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Which Kreg Jig do I buy and where to get online?
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Hi my name is Leanne and I live in Canberra the capital of Australia. I have already looked at our largest chain warehouse here in Australia (bunnings) and they dont stock them.
Also I don't understand which one I need...there is the basic one without any extras for about $12 on ebay. Do I need the specific drill bit for it? So I can get the mini one with or without drill bits or the Junior one for $39.95. Is that a good price for it? IF the mini is all I need the shipping would be a lot cheaper than buying the junior kit.
My final question is can I get the right screws here in Australia? Or do you have to use special Kreg screws? Just the international shipping on them would be really high.
My father and I already made the farmhouse dolly bed and it came out great! It just needs its final coat of pain and I need to sew the sheets and quilt for it.
So excited to find this site! I already have plans to convert my garage into a woodworking area. Still very much a beginner and can barely use a drill and am too scared to use a circular saw as my dad has had a few woopsies with them cutting through the electrical cable and things like that in the past so I am going to buy a drop saw they seem less scary! I am having lots of fun learning Ana is such an inspiration to other mums out there to start building.
Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it!

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actually found an australian

actually found an australian supplier for the kreg screws that is reasonable. Which screws do I buy I know its the 1 1/4 inch ones but then there are like 10 different types? thanks

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Buying screws


Which screws you buy will depend on what you want to do with them. There are different screws for different materials, and for different environments. What are you building, what materials are you going to use, and where are you going to put it?

Also, what are the 10 kinds of screws that you're finding available? I don't doubt that there's that many, but screw machined fasteners are kind of any infinitely variable product.

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Kreg Jig

When I was first starting out, I bought the mini which comes with the drill bit. I think the drill bit is necessary because it drills holes a certain way for the pocket holes... Does that make sense? Anyway, a few years ago, I got the bigger jig (the $100 one) and it is well worth the money! I love it and I still use the bit, clamp, and driver from the mini with it. In fact, I'm glad I had it because the tip broke off of my other bit!

Try out the mini first to see if you like it then move on to the other one later!

Hope this helps!

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I found this site (above) in Australia for the pocket jig. They seems to have shops located around Australia too so you can go in thus saving on postage but the prices seem reasonable and much cheaper than shipping from USA and I much easier to get help if something goes wrong.

Hope that helps some.

And I too am about to embark on a wood project a bench for my children.


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Non Kreg

I bought the on offered from General hardware. The sleeve that keeps the drill bit in place gets eaten away with each drill pass. It also will change the angle of the pocket. Im disappointed in this.

I wish I waited, and got the Kreg.

where can i buy kreg jig pocket holl set in asia

hi im realy interested in the pocket holl set where can i buy in south east asia .