Painting White Outdoor Adirondack Projects

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<p>Outdoor furniture must be protected from the elements,&nbsp;especially&nbsp;if you are using wood that is not suitable for outdoor use. &nbsp;And a painted finish - if kept up - can protect your outdoor Adirondack furniture and keep it looking fresh and new season after season.</p><p><br /></p><p>But painting outdoor Adirondack furniture can be a challenge. &nbsp;How to do you completely seal all the boards? &nbsp;How do you hide screw holes? &nbsp;What is the right way to bond paint to wood for exterior use? &nbsp;What about the cracks and all those slats Adirondack&nbsp;furniture&nbsp;is known for? &nbsp;</p><p><br /></p>My friend <a href="" target="_blank">Brook over at Being Brook </a>always paints her outdoor furniture with the most beautiful, professional looking finishes! &nbsp;Never any drips or missed spots between slats.<p></p><p>So I asked Brook if she would share her outdoor painting technique. &nbsp;Here's how Brook paints outdoor Adirondack furniture.</p>
Shopping List: 
120 grit sandpaper Foam Rollers Paint Brush Zinsser 123 Primer Ace Hardware Royal Outdoor House and Trim Paint in Satin in Heavenly Sand
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Step 1: 
You'll need primer, exterior paint, brushes, and rollers.
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Step 2 Instructions: 
After I cut out all the pieces for the lounge chairs I sanded them all smooth with a belt sander.
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Step 3 Instructions: 
Once all the woods pieces were sanded I laid them all flat in my garage with scrap wood raising them off the floor. Vacuum and wipe down all the wood pieces to remove any dust.
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Step 4 Instructions: 
Prime your wood with the Zinsser 123 primer and a 4 inch foam roller. It is easy to paint the slats when they are flat since you don't have any crevices to work with. I allowed my wood to dry overnight and then turned all the pieces over and primed the opposite side. Apply 2 coats of Royal House and Trim paint the same way. Use a brush for the sides or to catch any paint drips. Be sure to allow the paint to dry completely between coats (at least overnight before turning)
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Step 5 Instructions: 
After building your chaise lounges just touch up the paint with a brush. If you find any paint drips just lightly sand and repaint that spot. <p><br /></p><p>Special thank to <a>Brook from Being Brook</a> for sharing her tutorial on how she gets this beautiful finish every time!</p>


That's it? That seems so easy. I haven't done any outdoor furniture b/c I didn't want to ruin it. You don't put any clear coat or poly on it? Thanks so much for sharing this!

Marion B.

I'm about to branch out. I have a whole screened porch that needs to be filled. :-)

Marion B.

How do you hide them? Did you use pocket hole screws? If so, do you paint the boards before drilling or after. Thanks

I used pocket holes for the base and finish nails to attach the slats. The finish nail gun leaves a tiny little indent but I'm not a perfectionist and am fine with that and just went over it with a paint brush.

On past projects where I've used regular screws I still paint it all flat and then just use a little wood fill, sand and then paint the small spots.