Ana White Work Apron green floral/yellow dots

This is a handmade apron, made by moms right here in America. We greatly value their time, skill and attention to quality and detail. But we understand that not everyone may be able to afford purchasing this item, and have created a free pattern that you can download and make this apron yourself.


Hi Ana! I love your aprons and want to buy 4 adult aprons as soon as I can? Are there any more on the way? Thanks!


Finally a work apron just as pretty and hardworking as you are! Lined with rugged construction grade fabric, but made pretty with your favorite prints, this work apron will become your go-to accessory for all of your projects. Featuring two large pockets sized big enough for everything from glue to hand tools, three smaller pockets to keep screws, nails, safety glasses and more within easy reach, a pencil slot and a hammer loop, all of your favorite DIY supplies will be within easy reach.


I love this work aprons so much because it saves me time and keeps everything within easy reach. Unlike traditional aprons, this one is full lined with rugged drop cloth to protect from screws poking through the fabric. I like to keep my screws sorted in the smaller pockets, saving larger pockets for things like hearing protection, safety glasses, glue, pencils, drill bits, and of course, a tape measure. The apron is so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing it!

This item is sold out. If you would like to see more of this item, please leave a comment so more can be made.


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