Glue and Pocket holes

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Glue and Pocket holes
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I've got quite a few projects under my belt now, but I find myself asking a very basic question...

I've got the Kreg Jig and I use pocket hole construction when I can. Up until now I have used glue on all the joints with pocket holes, because I it was my understanding that the glue is a major player in the structural soundness of the finished project, and that the pocket hole screws acted as clamps while the project dried (and also provide structural support as well, obviously). I watched one of Ana's videos, and I notice that she doesn't use glue when she assembled with pocket holes.

I would love to give up glue when assembling with pocket holes!! Invariably I get some glue where I don't want it and darn it, the wood wants to slide around with glue on the joint--no way could I just put the boards together while holding it with one hand and screw the boards in place like she does on the video.

Any advice? Can I ditch the glue with the pocket hole screws?

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Glue is optional

I've rarely used glue on my projects and I find that I honestly don't need to. The joints are so strong that honestly, glue is optional. It's always a good idea to use it, but like I said, rarely do I use it. Never had a break down yet on any of my many projects! ;-) Also, it may help when you do choose to use the glue to either take your finger and slide it down the glue trail, or use a glue "brush", this helps with the sliding around - doesn't get rid of it completely, but it does help! :-)

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I agree with tracysmith. I do use glue with my PH connections whenever I can just because it is a more secure joint. If you are joining a 1x2 to another and only have one PH in the end of the 1x2 I would always use glue just to keep it from rotating out of line during the final build. However it isn't necessary. If you plan to stain minimize the use of glue because you will miss a spot and glue does not take stain. Also when you do use glue make sure the entire surface is covered. I do it with my finger while others use a brush.


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The glue is totally optional - in my case, sometimes I use it and sometimes I don't. As for the "sliding around" when using glue, as soon as the pieces make contact I wiggle them around to create suction then they won't slide. Does that make sense? Hope this helps!

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