Plantation Shutters, please!

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Plantation Shutters, please!
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Ana, I have wanted planatation shutters in my bedroom for years, but they are so expensive.
I have completed 4 projects from your plans now and my home is starting to feel so special! Would love to top it off with white plantation shutters!

Thanks, Ana. I absolutely LOVE your plans!!!! You've changed our home and it feels like a million bucks :)

Plantation Shutters

Bella, Consider purchasing plantation shutters online and saving on the cost of labor. Take a look at the shutters at, then price them at Plantation shutters are by nature a little bit more pricy than other window treatments. But, they will last longer and look better in the long run.

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YES PLEASE!!! I've been

YES PLEASE!!! I've been researching and figuring for years on how to build my own. They don't look too complicated but making the louvers and lining them up is the tricky part.