Custom Built-In Medicine Cabinet

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About This Project


We love the medicine cabinets that are found in 5 star hotels and had come across a blog (Batchelor's Way) that had built one very similar. We decided during our renovation that we wanted one, too. In the photo you can see that we still have to install the light fixture, which fits perfectly within the high top molding, and the vessel sink and wall-mount faucet below.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Primer - Kilz Paint - Behr's Silk Pillow in Satin finish
Estimated Cost: 


This is beautiful. It turned out so great, I think I may have to copy you! We have such a tiny bathroom, and need all the storage space we can get. We have similar taste, I have beadboard in my bathroom too.

Did you get the latches some place special?

Thank You. I looked over her bathroom post (several times actually) and it is amazing. Did you see their kid's room? The pirate room? another amazing DIYer. I'm really thinking about making this, just have to finish my other million projects first.

I can totally relate to having a million projects in the mind bank - I want to build the Lydia daybed, farmhouse night stands, the apothecary console for the living room, leaning shelves for the breakfast room, installing board and batten in the dining room, plank wall in the guest room, and the list goes on and on and on. We installed the light fixture on the medicine cabinet yesterday, and what a difference it made. We still haven't installed the wall faucet or vessel sink, though. Just so much to do and life gets in the way!

I did see Ronda's other rooms (her pirate room was featured in This Old House magazine) and it really is creative. She was really helpful when I asked her questions about the medicine cabinet, too. Totally classy lady.

What projects do you have in the works?

I just finished remodeling my kitchen for the 2nd time in 3 years due to a leaky water heater. I am currently finishing up a bunkbed that I built my girls over the summer (it has taken for-e-ver!), I have to tile my bathtub surround since we added a new tub when we did the kitchen. I've got to paint both rooms, and also paint a desk that I built earlier in the summer. I'm homeschooling, and we've got a bunch of furniture that goes in our "schoolroom" that needs refinished, ugh! I think I've done more painting in the last 4 months than my entire lifetime and I've got a lot more ahead. I'm going to build a divided shelf for the schoolroom (the plans are somewhere on here, it's a PB knock-off) and I've also got two dressers planned in my head for my bedroom. We want a built-in look and since our bedroom is tiny (old house, tiny bedrooms) I have to build two separate dressers so that we can move them into the room. I also wanted to do wall-to-wall shelving in our schoolroom up around the ceiling, but I don't know if I will get to that or not. I keep piling on the projects and I'm running out of time! As soon as winter hits, I'm done building; so if feels like a mad rush to "get 'er done!"