Rebecca Media Center Console

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About This Project

I have been needing an entertainment center for so long. When this plan popped up, my husband and I went into action. We designed this piece a little differently though. For one, the plan is too narrow for us and our tv-so our console is wider but shorter-to save on costs. Another note-we needed a place to put our computer so it can charge without our twin boys getting ahold of the cord. You can see that feature on the lower left hand corner. I also used a picture in a very well known catalog and I used the picture to get the stain just right. This might just be my favorite piece so far. I will be adding the bookcases and hutch to this. I am also in the process of adding 2 doors to this console. They needed to be stained before I could add them though.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
I used Minwax Ebony Stain. Then I used 240 Grit sandpaper and sanded just a tiny bit-it seemed to give the piece a more matted look and it exposed the grain more. After that, I used Martha Stewart's Copper Penny Metallic Glaze. I brushed the glaze over the parts where I wanted to make it look aged. I'm not a fan of painting hard woods or you could just paint it, then wax it and then use a copper paint. I wanted to be able to see the wood grain through the stain-so I used stain and did it this way. After the glaze dried, I used 1 coat of semi-gloss polyurethane.
Estimated Cost: 


I also wanted to note-we will be adding bead board behind the middle part of this console. We are leaving the other 2 backs exposed because I don't have a router to notch out holes in bead board. :)

Yours looks so great. Glad that our plan could inspire something for your needs. Looks great. I love the design.

Thank you!! I saw the stain at EA and since I don't like to paint furniture I stained it black and took some copper paint from Martha Stewart and 'aged' it. I love the outcome much better than painting and waxing.