Let's Talk Small Home Project'S

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Let's Talk Small Home Project'S
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If you have any Questions About Small Home Projects
Let's talk
Home project's

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This is great to have small

This is great to have small project talks too and I think being in such a group makes me feel really happy. It’s important to maintain a peaceful and fresh atmosphere in your home than having a gigantic building. more here

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Tim Nafziger
Under-counter steps tool

I would love to see a plan for a folding under counter step stool.
I have two small children that can't reach the kitchen counter. I also hate having a bulky step stool floating around the kitchen as a trip hazard. I've thought about a stool that could fold up under the counter, when needed, you open the cabinet below the sink, fold it out (with back legs that are screwed to the floor inside the cabinet to prevent slipping) and step up.
This would be such a cool add in to a small family kitchen that is so helpful. I'm just not good enough with plans or creating wood stuff, that I'd like help with it.