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Mail Bag

September 23, 2012 |

Thank you for all the beautiful letters you have written me over my years of blogging. I truly love building, and DIY furniture is my calling. 

But sometimes, especially times when challenges come along or the work load gets to great for me, I feel down and loose confidence. Your letters have kept me inspired and excited about what I do, and have encouraged me to keep going. I so appreciate every single letter that has been sent to me. 

I am so sad that your letters can get lost in my inbox, and sometimes, when I'm especially busy - just when I need your letters the most - I don't get a chance to read or respond and your letters get lost among thousands of other emails. This is heartbreaking for me. 

So I wanted to create a place where everyone can see the beautiful words you write, and where I can go for encouragement and inspiration when things get tough, or just when I need a smile. Thank you for caring enough to write! 

This is a positive comment thread, so any negative responses will be promptly removed.

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posted by akramirhal | on Mon, 2014-04-14 17:14

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posted by akramirhal | on Sun, 2014-04-13 09:57
kukailimoku's picture

Great fun and lots of sawdust

Thanks, Ana, for informative inspiration! I threw some observations in the brag section about the classic chair and look forward to posting the finished product.

All 8 of them!

I never would have made the attempt without your well-thought-out and perfectly presented plans and instructions. I fear that lawn furniture may be on the horizon.

posted by kukailimoku | on Mon, 2014-04-07 21:23
rodman40's picture

Kreg jig base

Hi Ana, See you using the Kreg pocket hole jig a lot, great tool, I made a base for my jig that is portable , my is 13" by 37", here are some pics. sent by email, thanks for the great ideas and projects, Rodman

posted by rodman40 | on Mon, 2014-04-07 09:44

Posting your blog

Hey Ana, I ran across your blog on google and thought we might be able to help each other out. I've got an aquaponics Kickstarter that might be interesting for your readers to see. It's pretty big in the DIY world and we actually built ours ourselves. If you write about it I'll post a link to your page in our description. What do you think? You can check us out here: http://bit.ly/LiveLocalOrganic

posted by jdk0509 | on Mon, 2014-03-17 15:52

Accidentally posted twice,

Accidentally posted twice, not sure how to delete a comment. Sorry!!

posted by jdk0509 | on Mon, 2014-03-17 15:55
eepayne's picture

Thank you!

Your generosity astounds me, Ana.

Seriously - it must seem trite to say this from behind a computer, while I'm in Maryland and you're all the way up in Alaska - and we've never met. I have done a lot of art (It's one of my majors and dear loves) and truly respect the individuality of each artist and their ideas!

I have seen your site many a time and was rather intimidated. It's taken me more than a year to decide to do a project. I have been getting very excited lately, and I haven't yet begun, ah! I was laying in bed last night thinking about how I might be able to sell anything I made for fun and for a bit of profit, to share, and to recoup some of the material costs. And I quickly thought, "no, no - this is another artists idea, surely she would not allow people to sell her work." I understand that in this day and age, one cannot share something digitally and be assured that someone will not "borrow" that digital work and it bums me out. So I make extra effort to track the linage of anyones ideas that inspire me. I decided to take a peek at your tab concerning the selling of designs. So I am humbled by your generosity and I just wanted you to know how nice of you it is to do that. Anything, if I ever even complete a project (haha, kidding, just nervous) I will most definitely share the origin of the idea! (and later, after I actually start and then finish something =) I will be in contact about more of the particulars concerning your font, image, etc.).

Thank you again and I hope check back in with you soon. My first project from your site (and first serious project, aside from my husband helping me learn to use a circular saw to cut 4x4s for a craft table made from a door and these 4x4s) will be your doll house book shelf. I am VERY excited, probably more excited than my daughter, ha! And I will be using my first nail gun and miter saw!

It's time for me to head to Lowes for some supplies. Have an excellent day and take care and enjoy your lovely family!

Most sincerely,
Elizabeth Payne

posted by eepayne | on Mon, 2014-03-17 09:13

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posted by patilsereka | on Tue, 2014-03-04 02:11


Ana, My husband suffers from severe PTSD from Viet Nam, very long story. He had to get started doing something productive to keep his mind busy. He had expressed an interest in wood working some years ago but never acted on it.
Recently I pressed him to set up work space and purchased saws and equipment. Still he had no motivation to get started.
Untillllll I discovered your Blog. I showed it to him and encouraged him to read and look at your plans and information.
My husband is now working and planning and excited about making your projects. He is even thinking of things to make himself.

Ana thank you for being so willing to share all your hard work. My husband spent many days and hours sleeping, crying or just sitting in the woods out back. Now he is busy working on your projects.

Nothing will ever cure all of his pain but wow what a difference this has made in our lives. The simple way you write it out and explain it is fantastic. Bless you and your family for all you do and for how giving you are. Sincerely, Granb

posted by granb | on Wed, 2014-02-12 23:54


I have a farm house table that has a wax finish on it. I sanded it down to raw pine. The legs still have a wax finish on them called rigger brown I don't know if I should paint the top in a distressed cream color and then seal it? Or should I paint it black. Can you recommend a cream color and a black color and tips on how to distress. I'm new at all of this.

posted by Brianne92777 | on Tue, 2014-01-28 10:51

Determined but need help

Hello! I have been searching for a farmhouse table for over a year now. I have the specific look in mind and the only table i've found was over 1200.00 just for the table. SO I am determined to TRY to build my own. However - a have a few obstacles. #1: I have NEVER built anything! Always wanted to but never did. #2: My husband is in the same boat as I am.

My dad has done some woodworking so I would have him to help on occasion.

I am determined to make furniture for my house where it's so much cheaper and I know it's made out of solid wood.

My husband FINALLY agreed to this:

If you can make a bench we can attempt a table.

So I found a bench under the "starter" skill level.

and I will begin that soon I hope.

but I'm having trouble finding some tables that would be easy.

I've seen all the farmhouse table plans but I didn't see any of those put in the skill level categories.

Coming from ZERO experience I have no idea which plans would be beginner or not. :)

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

posted by mmegobower | on Sun, 2014-01-26 09:22

craft table

Hi Ana! While looking at all the plans that you have posted, I noticed that you actually did an IKEA hack of one of the TROFAST systems. I have been trying to figure out how to do that for a few months now and greatly appreciate your post on it. I'm going to make my son a lego table with that storage system....
anyways, since you did that hack I was wondering if you could try to figure out something else as well. I have been dying to get ahold of an EZ View Desk from theoriginalscrapbox.com but cant see myself dishing out $8-900 for this craft desk. Could you possibly take a look at it and see how it could possibly be done? Thank you!!



posted by angelz711_13 | on Wed, 2014-01-22 02:23

Patterson Dining Table

I've been searching for the perfect dining room table for... forever. I finally found it but... it is so out of my budget... and no one in my area carries it. I would love to see some plans for this - even without the butterfly leaf. It is very similar to your farmhouse pedestal table that I've admired for so long but I am really in love with the base on this one. Is there any chance of this being an upcoming project? (please, please, please... :) )


posted by Samfampook | on Tue, 2014-01-21 22:06

Bunk beds

Hi Ana. I would like to ask you two quick questions about building bunk beds. I am a novice, so I will make the doll bunk beds first, especially since I have to convert everything into metric since I am in South Korea. 1. Which plan would be easiest for the beginner like me, the simple bunk beds or the classic bunks beds? 2. How long would it take to build them(assuming everything is precut and not counting the sanding and varnish time)? Thanks so much in advance for your help. Your plans are absolutely beautiful.

posted by molina | on Mon, 2014-01-20 20:59

DIH end-table

Our local HD did not offer this DIH Clinic, will you be posting the plans?

posted by rfpeterlin | on Thu, 2014-01-16 19:06
DecorSanity's picture

Campaign Dresser Plans?

Hi Ana! I recently scored some vintage brass campaign hardware on eBay for a full 3 or 5 drawer dresser and would LOVE to build one. If you have any spare time between your new baby, your family, your blog, your budding TV show and everything else and feel like making some plans, I would elevate you from new-best-friend status to super-duper-best-friend. But no pressure, I know you are super busy, and I will most likely elevate you to super-duper-best-friend anyways! :-) XO Jen

posted by DecorSanity | on Fri, 2014-01-10 18:06

Nail Gun Recommendation

Hey Ana and everyone!

I am hoping you or someone can help suggest a good nail gun for furniture projects. Also, can you suggest a tank size for compressed air? Thank you so much!!


posted by valjan21 | on Tue, 2014-01-07 09:43

Hi Valerie I'm sure you will

Hi Valerie
I'm sure you will get a lot of different answers. I'm not sure if there is one right answer (LOL). I use a few different types myself. It really depends on what you are using it for. The one I use most is my 16 ga. straight finish nailer. Just look for one that will go to atleast a 2" nail. If you intend on building as a hobby no need to break the bank ( just don't forget to oil it and drain compressor tank) . I've had some of my Tool Shop guns from Menards for several years. I usually do 10 to 12 projects a year with them. As far as tank size I have a big compressor in my shop but I use my 2 gallon one most of the time for furniture and its plenty. I really hope this helps.


posted by sgtminor | on Thu, 2014-01-09 01:33
AndyH's picture

Pocket Hole Tool

Hi. Can you recommend a good Pocket Hole Jig Tool that doesn't break the Bank. Was thinking of the Kreg R3 or the K5. Any advice on would be appreciated.



posted by AndyH | on Fri, 2013-12-20 10:50

Getting started in woodworking

I've followed Ana's blog for a while. She attended college in the lower 48. (I have no idea what she studied.) She came back north, married the RAM, had her first kid, and during all that she just started designing furniture and building some. She said she approached a local furniture retailer but there was no interest in solid wood furniture (as opposed to the fake wood junk that comes out of some Third World furniture factories...but I digress). Well, she build her stuff and put her designs up for free on the Web. I'm not suggesting you repeat her path to success. (Each person has to find their own path...) But you don't need to study formal design or woodworking to start a career in woodworking.

posted by HD | on Thu, 2013-12-19 19:40


Hi Ana,

I just came from shopping at Indigo and while browsing through the home renovation section a sales associate recommended visiting your website. You are doing exactly what I want to do with my life. I just turned 19 and want to pursue carpentry and furniture design. I was wondering how you got to where you are. Did you go to college? How long did it take you to get to where you are now and how did you do it. This advise would really help me!


posted by amberlee | on Wed, 2013-12-18 14:42
DecorSanity's picture

My favorite web site is Ana-White.com!

Hello Ana--

I love Houzz, and about a year ago, I was reading one of the featured ideabooks that highlighted your book and your play kitchen. The second I saw it, I knew it was for me! I ordered it immediately at Amazon and read the entire thing the second I got it. I love the book, the colors, the layout, the matte finish, all of it. For years I have been imagining building things in my head, not sure exactly how to join boards other than nails and screws. And here was your book with so many ideas, and everything clicked into place! And, pocket holes--what?? Guess who got the Kreg Master System for Christmas last year....me! (Thanks to the RAM for mentioning a Lowe's sale on your site, BTW)

I don't know if my head was in the sand or what (maybe it's the 4 kids and the small business?), but I never really knew this whole world of DIY blogs existed until I read yours...and started reading the blogs on your blogroll. All of these people doing all of the things I've been doing and wanting to do, inspiring one another, sharing ideas...amazing! And your's is my favorite! I am on your site almost every day checking out plans, thinking about what I want to build next. Right now I am working on a slightly more modern version of your farmhouse bed with canopy, I am excited to finish it so I can post it. Maybe I need to train one of those kids to be a patch and painter... ;-)

Keep up the amazing work, so excited for you and your expanding family!

Much love,

Jen W
San Antonio, TX

posted by DecorSanity | on Tue, 2013-11-12 15:46
Ciana's picture

Plans for the play kitchen

Hey guys
I am planning on making the play kitchen for my son for a Christmas present. I was looking at the plans but couldn't find any for the taller part of the kitchen. Are there plans for making it or is it just one you can buy at the store?

posted by Ciana | on Wed, 2013-11-06 00:22

doll farmhouse bed (bunk bed)

I love your site and seeing all the amazing things you have created. I have been looking for a doll bunk bed for my daughter to give her for Christmas, and I came to your site. I love the farmhouse bed made bunk bed. I am just curious if you would consider making one for me, for a cost?? I ask because I am a nervous wreck when it comes to making things like this. If you wouldn't mind letting me know, that would be great!!!


posted by blair28 | on Tue, 2013-10-29 10:47

Small room

I have a very small room that I need to come up with sleeping arrangements and storage for three teenage girls. the Ceilings aren't quite eight feet the largest wall is 119 inches the other two have 83 inches usable space (accounting for still being able to open the closet and walk in the bedroom itself.) One of the 83 inch walls has a window. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions.

posted by rachelleyann | on Sat, 2013-10-26 00:57
Dsamarie's picture

Ten Dollar Ledges

I love your site! These ledges were so much fun to build. I wanted to display our family photos in preparation for a gathering at our house to celebrate our marriage. The wall was a hit with all the family & friends. I can think of other places in the house these would be useful too. Thanks, Ana!

posted by Dsamarie | on Thu, 2013-10-24 18:14
magnoliasouth's picture

Praise and a request; sorry if it's TLDR worthy. LOL!

First off. I totally love your site and am amazed at how dedicated you are. You are truly an inspiration and though I am a woman with absolutely ZERO experience in building anything, you have made me decide to give my inexperienced hands a go.

I was reading one of your posts where you discuss the pieces you are building to organize your home and how you prioritized a list. This is a serious issue for me too. The first problem is my pantry, which is only a tiny closet. I have a big family and that closet is so stuffed it's difficult to find anything at all.

I have washer and dryer that are side-by-side on the left of my laundry room and there is absolutely NOTHING on the wall to the right. I would like to line the entire right wall in my laundry room with narrow shelves. This way I can see everything right there and there is no digging through an overstuffed pantry closet.

Your Ten Dollar Ledges are almost exactly what I require, but it needs a little front reinforcement to prevent my clumsy self from bumping the shelves and knocking everything off. Kind of like your Flat Wall Bookshelves, but not as aggressive as that. More like your Door Spice Rack, except it's on a wall.

I did read in Handy Man once (I'm a subscriber even though I've yet to make anything) on removing the drywall from between two studs and inserting shelves, but that's a bit too advanced for me. I began to sweat just thinking about cutting that drywall evenly while it's still intact.

All that said, have you ever considered a project such as this? I would love to see your master work and any ideas you have to fix this problem.

I know how it is to raise a family, so no pressure. If you don't have time I fully understand. My life is hectic too.

No matter the case, I really appreciate the hard work you have put into your site. Speaking for the world, I thank you. :)

posted by magnoliasouth | on Thu, 2013-10-24 17:26

Farm House Table Notch

It said in the plans to look under a "How To" section to find out how to notch the legs on the farmhouse table and I do not see that section. can you guide me to the instructions on how to notch out the legs on this table and bench?

posted by rlord89 | on Mon, 2013-10-21 07:05

need plans for a couple of projects

I absolutely love your site and have found a ton of projects I am going to build. I have a couple of ideas though I have had trouble finding any good plans for. I need a patio table and chairs so I was going to build a farmhouse style table and a couple of simple benches. My mother in law suggested I build the table so it can split in 2 down the length so for big parties we can use it for an outside buffet table. any suggestions? The other project I want to tackle and cannot find any examples of is a bed for my boys. I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old (both small for their ages) and I want to build a bunk bed with twin mattress and a toddler mattress, maybe with a slide coming off the side. I would love to hear any input you or anyone else would have.

Thank you,

posted by bric82577 | on Wed, 2013-09-25 14:15


Dearest Ana, You have an absolutly wonderful site here. I have been drawing and designing furniture for some while, not to much though. I have several things I would like to share with everyone. A complete country/old shipping crate design bedroom set, a rolling kitchen island with 3 inch end cut chopping block top and a come along with it pan rack. Just a couple there. Question, I'd been looking for some software for graphic design even before I found your site. Have kind of zeroed in on Turbo Pro. Plenty on Ebay and Amazon for not to much. Any opinion about that program or any suggestions of anything more direct and compatible with what we do? I have
designed and built a two horse stall and am presently working on a small shop space. but furniture is what I really do. Nothing commercialy just home and for friends, maybe. PS. Bedroom, tall dresser, short long 9 drawer dresser, night stands, head board and (wife doesn't know it yet) a ceder chest. All pine construction, with red ceder closet slats for chest. The sides are made with 7 inch lap boards which give it, to me, a seafarer constructed out of old shipping crate look. Let me know about design program. Look forward to sharing. I also intend to build that pedestal table we can't seem to get the plans for. I'll build mine so I can show pictures to back up my ideas. If nothing has happened with the other plans by than I'l share mine.


posted by Chenrezig12 | on Wed, 2013-09-18 18:48
Brittney.Zarcone's picture

X back chairs??

Hi!! I loooove your site!! I'm so excited to get started on my first project...I went through all the plans and bookmarked which ones I would like to build (there are so many!) However, I was shocked that with all the "X" furniture you have plans for, there aren't any plans for X back chairs. I have a lot of "X" furniture, and would like to continue the theme into my dining room. Couple you please make some plans for this design?? Pretty please? ;)

posted by Brittney.Zarcone | on Wed, 2013-09-11 15:21
Canterellare's picture

Where it all began

Is there a link to the original post. The first post ever put on this site? I would like to start back at the beginning but I am not having much like finding where to start. I read the Momplex from start to finish but I would like to read everything. Especially considering we are considering Alaska for our FOREVER home after we are done with military all your little trials and tribulations could help with that choice so I would love to read them. So if anyone has a link to the beginning it would be much appreciated. Maybe post it in the "about me section" a link to where this all began. Please and thank you.


posted by Canterellare | on Sat, 2013-08-10 16:51

Plans for a closet

My husband and I are turning one of our bedrooms into a home office and we have a small closet we kinda want to turn into more storage. Not sure if you have any plans to build into a closet to create more of an office storage system. Any ideas would be helpful.

posted by sbeard | on Sat, 2013-08-03 20:47

Thank you

Hello Ana!
I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for such an awesome website. This may sound silly but your plans have really helped my marriage! My husband and i have finally found something we enjoy doing together! We have made a few project and have plans to make many more!

Im sure you get lots of requests for plans and i of course have another. This one may be a challenge. I would love to see plans for a murphy bed that doesnt sit directly on the floor (my parents are older and have trouble getting up off the floor) I would also LOVE if this muprhy bed had a flip down table on the outside that you could pull down without pulling down the bed!
Or even better it would be wonderful to the the plans to this murphy bed desk:

Thanks again for your fantastic plan!

posted by mdcarr33 | on Sat, 2013-08-03 11:39
JenMellen's picture

Two Lofted Beds

I was wondering how I could combine two twin loft beds into one L shaped bed unit. Should I use lag bolts to hook the two beds together with a support beam under the corner of the unit? Have you seen these before? I saw one at simplybunkbeds and thought it looked easy enough to build, but now I am wondering the details for support. I thought this would be a great way to open up my boys' room to allow for computer/lounging areas underneath.

posted by JenMellen | on Fri, 2013-08-02 22:52

campaign dresser nightstand

Hi Ana!
I am sure you get bombarded with requests for plans, but I have been looking for plans to make a simple small campaign style dresser to be used as a nightstand, and thought you would be the perfect person to come up with them! Basically to mimic this one I found on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/226868899951082356/

posted by lulubelledesign | on Thu, 2013-08-01 09:32

raised wood planters

Ana, I recently came across a beautiful, yet simple and elegant design for raised wood planters that you should tackle. It's called "Vegtrug" and I saw it at Williams Sonoma among other places. Looks like it would be a fun and easy thing to build and would probably be a popular item, although I haven't tried to build it yet.

posted by brady113 | on Wed, 2013-07-31 15:00

Triple Bunk Bed

I'm dying to find plans for a very basic triple bunk bed that a beginner can build. One that looks just like this would be awesome: http://www.babble.com/kid/3-kids-1-bedroom-it-can-be-done-part-three/

I'm sure you get hundreds of requests but maybe you might consider coming up with plans for that bed. Thanks!

posted by summerowens | on Mon, 2013-07-29 16:28

Standing bar

Just completed your standing bar. I widened it to fit a particular space and added a pull out shelf, in addition to the drawer and wine rack. Painting it this week, will send photo when done. Thanks for the plans, they were simple to follow and easy to modify.

posted by bnelsen | on Mon, 2013-07-29 12:54


I love your site. I continue to share it with others. Others that aren't handy think I'm amazing and I tell them, no, it's this wonderful site that is amazing and these free plans that are broken down and so easy to understand! I wanted to share with you and your readers about a vendor's price deception. Not sure if it's a sponsor of yours or not. Another blogger posted about it: http://www.beaninloveblog.com/2013/07/trouble-underfoot.html?showComment...

posted by spiceylg | on Mon, 2013-07-29 11:26

Pirate bed

Hi Ana,

I am a huge fan and planning a few projects using your plans. I was wondering if there is any way you could provide plans for a Pirate bed? Like I said I'm just getting started and not too good at modifying plans just yet.


posted by Texasmommy | on Sun, 2013-07-28 14:13


I see a few awesome plans for cabinets, but I cannot find anything for the uppers. I just want to match my uppers with the lowers you have, and want to make sure I do it correctly. Any help?

posted by hrd2d | on Sat, 2013-07-27 20:08

Patrick's Miter Table

I love all the plans and pics on your site. I fell in LOVE with Patrick's Router table and the pic of his Miter Saw Table next to it. I know that it has been asked, and told that the plans for the table would be forth coming...I am just curious if I am unable to locate the plans or if they have not been uploaded as of yet.

posted by Joker | on Fri, 2013-07-26 12:41
mika2000's picture

I am coming across a bit

I am coming across a bit later after the New Year’s euphory, but I like your idea about the timing of the cork of the champagne I have to try it myself! Thanks for the regular posts
annotated bibliography mla example

posted by mika2000 | on Fri, 2013-07-12 09:30

Outdoor Bar Table and Stools

What is the wood you used in your deck table and stools?

posted by Myrna | on Thu, 2013-07-04 15:55

Teaching Projects

Hi Ana,
I have to tell you how much I love your site. We have several pieces of furniture in our home built from your plans. I have a quick question/request. I know that you are extremely busy with your growing family, but as a teacher I was wondering if you could post plans for some classroom projects for teachers. For example a teaching easel like this one http://www.britevisualproducts.com/images/mfrs/9/500/BE1.main.jpg
can cost up to $300. You can imagine with budget cuts that teachers nor schools have the budgets to outfit classrooms with this much needed tool. I know that you are the right woman for the job to come up with these or similar DIY plans for this easel. Teachers everywhere would thank you and praise your name.

Choleia Smith-Ray

posted by chosmith19 | on Wed, 2013-07-03 18:38

Challenging Baby

My palms started sweating when I read what you went through in Grace's early days. Your words could have been my words--exactly--in describing our firstborn (daughter). She turned into a sunny, smart child by age 3, but it was hell getting to that point. SO! I'm writing to tell you that her brother has been an absolutely by-the-book kid; his disposition is NOTHING like his sister's. They're 26 and 23 now, but those years still seem fresh. -- Best wishes in these exciting, challenging days ahead. Know that you're not alone.

posted by juniornordic | on Mon, 2013-06-24 15:12


Hello Anna
yes....I found out about you and WOW.
Loving all you do.
I work on free base with cliënts who are disabled fysical and or mental and they do make great things. But I am always looking for more possibillities.
My question is....is you book available in the Netherlands????
Or...how much does it cost if I order from you?
Because there is not enough money at the foundation we work with recycle materials (wood) creating things. And you do inspire!!!!
Please can you let me now at y.hoekstra@live.nl
Thanks so much for all inspiration.

posted by Yvonne | on Fri, 2013-06-21 15:32


A friend recommended your website. It's Tuesday, and I can't wait until Friday night when I can stay up late to look around! Unfortunately I've got to hit the hay, but I know where I'll be when I get home from work tomorrow!
Excited to see and learn more!

posted by Ypratt | on Tue, 2013-06-18 23:51

I'm from Australia, found

I'm from Australia, found your page after a Google search and absolutely love your site!! I'm setting up a day-care and will definitely be buying your book from Dymocks this payday!! Thank you for creating such awesome projects!

posted by BanjoMillie | on Sun, 2013-06-16 19:14

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