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Thank you for all the beautiful letters you have written me over my years of blogging. I truly love building, and DIY furniture is my calling. 

But sometimes, especially times when challenges come along or the work load gets to great for me, I feel down and loose confidence. Your letters have kept me inspired and excited about what I do, and have encouraged me to keep going. I so appreciate every single letter that has been sent to me. 

I am so sad that your letters can get lost in my inbox, and sometimes, when I'm especially busy - just when I need your letters the most - I don't get a chance to read or respond and your letters get lost among thousands of other emails. This is heartbreaking for me. 

So I wanted to create a place where everyone can see the beautiful words you write, and where I can go for encouragement and inspiration when things get tough, or just when I need a smile. Thank you for caring enough to write! 

This is a positive comment thread, so any negative responses will be promptly removed.


Just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful place on the internet for learning.

You've been inspirational in helping me turn my house into a home. I had one question for you, have you considered doing a piece on how to fix common "mistakes" in the finish of a project. I know I commonly run into getting the occasional blemish on a piece and always am looking for ways to fix it without "sanding and redoing".


- Nick

Hi Nick, thank you for the kind comment!

I definitely will consider your request for a new video tutorial. It's never fun to have to redo a finish!

Hi Ana,
I'm a beginner and have made two pieces from your amazing plans (Rustic X Console table and the Clara table + 4 dollar chairs) I know you are so busy but have a quick question...One of the three boards i cut for the top of the clara table is curved, so it's not lying flat. Do you have any recommendations on how to flatten it? We've thought of applying weights after dampening it?
Huge fan,

Hi Jennifer, thank you! I would try a 1x3 board underneath on edge (just like another apron) underneath. You can attach same as you did aprons. This should pull the board down. Hope this helps! Ana


I love your plans but seem to be having trouble adapting them to be easily moved. My husband is in the Navy, which means we don't get to settle somewhere and install furniture. I would like to build my son a castle bunk bed based on your post but it needs to be easily taken apart and moved. Could you possibly help a girl out?

Thanks for any input.


Please send plans I have the next weekend off and would live this for my niece and daughter both are 3 and love sleep overs and this would be perfect!!!

Hi Ana!
Just wanted to tell you that I love the new look of your page! My favorite part is that the most current post is on the front page.
Love your site and your inspiring ideas.
Thanks for all that you do!

Ana, have you ever made Grace and Doll House for America Girl. My niece wants one so bad but I dont know where to start. Any suggestions. I love the new website design. I have been playing with Google Sketchup, I didnt know there were things out there like that. Thank you so much for all of your great ideas. I tell at least 3 people a day about your website. So dont get down you have so many people that are now inspired by you.



You are so talented and the web is ever so lucky to have you on there. Your inspiring story lets all women know that we can all do woodworking just as easily as our counterparts. We are finishing up the second of two platform beds and true to cost they were worth every reasonable. Our little boys' bedrooms are going to be awesome! Your free plans and ideas are so much appreciated...after that project is the mudroom in another Ana White ensemble. THANK YOU ANA!!!!!

I'm looking at your amazing plans for the Lydia daybed and coveting it mightily. My only concern is its weight limits? It would be primarily a guest bed, and not for waifish guests, either! How much weight would you estimate it could hold? Or is there some way to reinforce it so that it wouldn't be an issue?

Thanks so much for your help and for this incredible resource you've created!

I built the Lydia Day Bed for my oldest, and sometimes my husband (250ish lbs), my daughter (45ish lbs) and I (105ish lbs) all lay on it to read bed time stories. I had initially used the 1x2 cleats as called for in the plan, but my husband and daughter were bouncing on the bed, and a 1x2 broke. So I took the frame/boxspring thingy off and used 2x2s as cleats. Like I said, it now holds all of our weight (400ish lbs) If you're still a little concerned, you can use 2x3s or 2x4s (it'll just make the bed sit up a tad higher). I think I also used a couple more 1x3 slats than called for, but I really don't remember.

I hope you know that I think so.

So much so that I won't drive to see my sister in Reno, but I'm already figuring out the logistics to see you in Salt Lake if you don't decide to come closer to Phoenix. And will have to do so with a 2 year-old.

That's how awesome you are!

Hey there,
I just love your ideas and plan to start a new project very soon to help organize my laundry area!
I could not find an email to contact you directly. I wanted to ask if you would be willing to try out and review a nontoxic cleaning product?
If this is something you may be interested pin, please email me :)
Thanks again for your great ideas!
Stacey Lehn

I came across your website and I think this is awesome! You are what I aspire to be...when I was little, I would make my brothers wooden airplanes for their birthday by nailing some scraps together when my dad was working on projects.

I want to make a really nice shot glass holder for my husband. I saw your plans for the 25 box curio/holder. And I want to make something a little more unique. My question is, will wood glue be sufficient to hold shot glasses? It's going to end up holding 200 shot glasses, and I cannot afford to have it come crashing down.

Would you knotch every joint? For added stability?

Thank you.

Below is a link to a similar curio that I'm basing my plans on.






I just love your site and have built a few things (more to come) from your wonderful instructions! I was wondering if you could post instructions for under the stair storage like this.... these instructions are SUPER confusing and I know you can reword in a way I can understand!

Thanks for making our houses prettier!

Hi Ana,

Just dropping by to say I have just pre-ordered your book, and cant wait to get it into my hands and be able to show people who I am always talking about. Your name gets used regularly in our household and your ears must burn from all the time I spend talking about you and your site. I often look at your site and even if I don't log-in, I still need my "Ana-White fix".

I love seeing the trails, tribulations and progress of the Momplex, and how much Gracie has loved the whole process. She is growing up infront of our eyes.

Loads of luck with your book tour, shame you are not coming to Ireland, maybe some day.

Andrea in Ireland. Xx


I L.O.V.E your blog. I love that you a girl and a mom, and that you do/build these amazing pieces. You inspire me!

My daughter is soon going to have to have sugery, and will wear a Spica Cast. I have found some amazing Spica Tables, where she will be able to be upright and play. I was wondering if you had any plans for something like this. My huspand would like to build her one.

Any ideas?


i am very inspired because of your website. i was wondering if you have any closet conversions you could recommend. we are changing an unused bedroom into a diningroom and the closet is giving me trouble. thank you for all your wonderful plans.

I have searched and searched for a link to the Rebecca Media Center -side hutch pieces and cannot find it. Only the media base, the center hutch and side bases are listed when you bring up the plans. Can you help me out?

I love the American Girl wardrobe. However I cannot get the PDF link to open. I continue to receive the following error message: TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image: /usr/share/nginx/
Is it possible that you could e-mail it to me?
Thank you!

My Kindle version of the book arrived early this morning and within minutes after sending in my proof of purchase I had my bonus stuff. I read the first few pages before doing what I am supposed to be doing and decided immediately to send copies of your book to my two daughters. Wishing you the best of success on the book tour.


Hello Ana! I love your site so much. It is truly awesome that you are so creative and build all these things! I have been searching the plans for a new bed to build for myself but also one that was tall enough to his a mattress under. My little one usually ends up in my room at night and I don't have the heart to sen him away so I keep a little crib mattress under my current bed. Problem with that is the crib mattress usually gets left out in the middle of the floor all day if I'm not home to put it away. So I thought of building a trundle bed. Only not many queen size beds come with trundles so do you have a plan that I could use or one that could be easily modified for a trundle? I would be so appreciative. Thanks so much!

Hi, Ana..

I have been looking for plans for a ottoman/footstool for our family room. I am a fairly experienced woodworker, but I have no talent designing. I know a simple square footstool that is padded on top, should be easy enough. But I prefer to work from tried and true plans.

Just wondering if you have anything like this in your collection.



Ana--My DH made your farmhouse king bed about 1 1/2 years ago. It was easy and very do-able; it is just beautiful. The comments made my previous users of the plan helped with paint choices. We have loved looking at your site and plans for a long time :O)


Wanted to tell you how excited it was meeting you today, getting your book, and watching you inspire all of us there at your book signing. Good Luck with the rest of the tour, I am sure it will be great! You are such an inspiration to those of us learning!

- Colleen

I just want to say thank you for sharing all your plans, and for giving me the confidence to build something myself. I just finished my farmhouse table- (enormous at 7'8" by 4'!) I've never built anything in my life! Never stained anything in my life, never shopped for lumber, never used power tools beyond using the drill to fix something minimal in my's been a life-altering experience for me.
An unintended consequence: my 13 year old son worked alongside me to build this table, right at an age when he has begun pulling away from me and walking around in sullen silence most of the time. He loves building, and loves even more that we are showing him how to use power tools and have put trust in him to help me build this table for our home. The table will be something that I am sure I will pass on to him many years from now, and it will have big meaning for him. So much better than anything I could buy, at any cost!
I told my Facebook friends & family that if I actually pulled this off, I would send Ana White some of my best handmade soap, so if you have a P.O. Box, please email me and I will make good on this promise.
Thanks again, and I wish you all the success in the world- congrats on your book!!!

I just saw a piece of furniture in a store and went home and, from my scrap piie, I made my version of it. I have it saved as a draft named Free & Easy Toilet Shelf. However when I try to post it as a Brag I cannot because there is no plan to provide a URL link. So what do I do? Is there somewhere else you post stuff you make without a plan you get off the internet?



I have told so many people about your website in the last several weeks. I post all of my pieces I finish on my fb page. I've had so many of my friends call me and ask all about them and how I was able to build and where the idea came from. I always get so excited when I refer them to your website because I feel I am supporting a great person (you) and I feel your ideas are amazing. Also, I think I should start handing out business cards for you. :) Thank you so much for all of this.


I have the most amazing bed that I want but is so crazy expensive I'll never be able to get it. If you could show me how to build this I know I could finally get it for my son ! Please email me and I can send you a picture of it.

P.s. your amazing

First of all Ana. I am in love with you. I love all your projects. I have built several items and I feel so empowered and am totally enjoying myself. My husband is a DIYer so he is excited that he gets to buy me tools for birthdays, christmas, etc. Anyways, I have a question. What do you do with all your extra wood? I keep them, for future projects but how do you keep them organized? My hubby wants to get them out because they take up space. If I can keep them organized in an eyepleasing manner then it will be a non-issue. Ideas?

Wow, I have just found your site, I was online searching for dollhouse plans, not for little girls, but big girls like myself.
I have made dollhouses up from other peoples builds, but now its time to do one from scratch.... I was wondering do you have any or do readers have any links to any they might share.
Mind you with all the great stuff on this site i may get busy with other stuff as well..... once again


Thanks heaps

husband & i are trying the farmhouse table that you built, the question is how do you notch the wood for the legs.... we were instructed on your website to go to your "how to's" however we cannot locate that on your website. Please advise. Thank you greatly! KD

I'm a bit of a notching novice myself, but you can use a jigsaw for this. Start by doing a straight cut along the shorter horizontal top and bottom. Then cut a 45 degree angle from the middle to one corner, and then to the other. You should have 2 triangles cut out, with one center triangle left. Now you can use the negative space to fit your blade in and cut out that final piece. I hope that helps! If not, try searching youtube for jigsaw notching

check out Ana's you tube video. Just search for notchboardsbyanawhite on you tube...

Hi Ana im tying to log in to post some things that i built but it wont let me because i forgot my password. it says it will redirect me to enter a new password but it just takes me to new account. Help i have some cute pics!

Looking for the plan for a king size platform bed with the storage under neath... My wife pinned it to he Pinterest page and will not stop talking about it until I make it for her. So since we just bought a new (old) house I would like to build it for her and surprise her... Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated. Also you have done some amazing work as I new to this Pinterest and all the DIY stuff out there. I thought I was the only one that laid in bed thinking of building stuff out of simple things, nice job!!

Hi Ana. I'm looking for some easy plans to convert a above the counter cabinet in my kitchen to an upright dish rack. I love your style and am hoping you can help with something easy. I'd even definitely consider using pallet wood and putting an open dish rack on the wall instead of converting the cabinet, like your book shelf from a pallet. I've looked at other sites, and they not only make it sound but look complicated and way above my skill level (novice/beginner). Can you help?


Well I've been doing carpentry and woodworking for over a year now for a log builder, and it's now time for me to build a real nice little workshop at my house! I need to move all the tools out of my basement, my obsession with woodworking is filling my house with sawdust and my boyfriend decided to pitch money out for a garage for me!!!!!!

So if you were to build youself the same thing, what kind of special item would you add\change\make custom? lots of windows? traps to drive lumber through? I also live north of 60 in Canada so mega insulation is my priority!
Thanks, your the best and keep rolling!

Hi Anna - first off - Love your website - and book - it's fabulous!
What I am looking for is similar to your bathroom wall storage
Project in your book. I would like to build a cupboard for my
Bathroom - it would go over the toilet so it can't be too deep and
I would like doors on it to hide all the stuff. Do you have anything
Like that??? I would appreciate any help you can give!!!

Hi ana,
Ever since i found your page you have inspired me!! i don't have much experience with tools but i definitely have the courage to grab one and create!! i love creating things and making them over!!! I have 3 kids and i'm very excited to get their rooms madeover! i have 3 boys 2 and 4! i would like to do a project in their room similar to the Tumidei Spa bedroom for children (teens) set. Its perfect for our house to take advantage of the space and to fit 2-3 kids!! i really love how they have those fun loft beds and those spaces for other things like desks! I was wondering if you ever seen them or are willing to tackle such designs for DYI-ing!! I would really love to get some plans, or some info (advice) on some of this creative designs tumidei use, Please forward me any information you may have!! I just want to avoid having to build a fire truck bunk bed and them growing out of it too fast!!! i'm looking to do a longgggggggg-term project!!
Brochure of rooms:
i'm interested in 763, 768, 751, 767,787..etc lol!
708 (wall book case)
thanks in advance!!!

Hi Ana,
I still tell people about our meeting this summer at HAven and how we just clicked and how accessible and lovely you were - ARE. I preordered and got got your book right when it came out and plan to ask for a suite of tools for Christmas to begin buiiding. I hope that you are holding up okay under all of your commitments and that your daughter is doing well too. Let me know if you want some art for your home, but more than anything , KNOW that I am thinking about you and I am SO VERY PROUD to call you my friend!


Dear Ana,
I am 54 years old and you are an inspiration to me. When I was young I would wander around the family ranch just aching to make something out of all the old wood and things lying around. But, it never happened. After all these years that desire to create with wood never went away. I tried a few classes but the projects the instructors chose were dull. Then one day I stumbled across your Blog. It was love at first sight. There you were empowering women everywhere to create their own furniture. WOW! you even gave recipes (plans) on how to do it! Recently, my husband and I installed a small wood shop in the garage. I purchased your book and began at the beginning with the Gallery Shelves. I have made four of them. Next, is the laundry organizer from your site. Each project is exciting because it's tailored to what I want for my home. It feels really good to go to my wood shop, cut, sand, and create with my garage door open. I LOVE IT! Thank you for your BLOG and having the courage to share your dream!!!

Hi Ana! I just love all the work and projects that you do. I'm wondering if you ever draw up plans for people? I'm oh so more than willing to pay you! :) What I'm looking for is something for my son's room. I have a queen size bed and want a full size trundle bed underneath. I'm coming up blank online and don't even know where to begin. Thanks! And keep up the great work. You are inspirational!

Hi! I love the book and have a question. I want to build the Lego Coffee Table and love the planked wood pictured on the top of the table. However, the directions call for a solid (2 pieces) plywood top. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can build this having a planked top and still be able to lift it for storage?