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We are inside the Momplex.

I cannot believe I just typed that!

Nearly a year and a half since we started with a raw piece of Alaska land, we are finally working on the interior of the Momplex!

Now we won't be getting to the really fun stuff - furnishing the Momplex! - for a little while - we've still got utilities to run in the walls, insulating, drywall and flooring ... but a girl can daydream about media walls and beds and bathroom vanites with hutches, right? Oh the things to keep a mind busy as we do boring stuff like mud and tape drywall or hook up drain lines.

We've been talking about doing a video tour of the inside of the Momplex so you can see from the inside what we are working on. Well, the girls must have overheard me ... because I lost my iPhone ... and went looking for it, and discovered a film crew on site, using my lost iPhone to conduct a live interview!

As I followed the girls through their tour, I tried not to tear up as I watched. They share our Momplex dream, and have all made great sacrifices to allow Mom and Dad to work long hours. You can see their pride in the project in this video.

And although the director/producer/cameragirl is just 8 years old with no prior experience, and the host is 5 years old, I don't know if we could give you a better tour.

Here's an inside view of the Momplex, from an insider's perspective!

And this is where we start on the inside of the Momplex. Yes, there's lots of work to be done before Mom and Ba Ngoi move in!

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