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We are inside the Momplex.

I cannot believe I just typed that!

Nearly a year and a half since we started with a raw piece of Alaska land, we are finally working on the interior of the Momplex!

Now we won't be getting to the really fun stuff - furnishing the Momplex! - for a little while - we've still got utilities to run in the walls, insulating, drywall and flooring ... but a girl can daydream about media walls and beds and bathroom vanites with hutches, right? Oh the things to keep a mind busy as we do boring stuff like mud and tape drywall or hook up drain lines.

We've been talking about doing a video tour of the inside of the Momplex so you can see from the inside what we are working on. Well, the girls must have overheard me ... because I lost my iPhone ... and went looking for it, and discovered a film crew on site, using my lost iPhone to conduct a live interview!

As I followed the girls through their tour, I tried not to tear up as I watched. They share our Momplex dream, and have all made great sacrifices to allow Mom and Dad to work long hours. You can see their pride in the project in this video.

And although the director/producer/cameragirl is just 8 years old with no prior experience, and the host is 5 years old, I don't know if we could give you a better tour.

Here's an inside view of the Momplex, from an insider's perspective!

And this is where we start on the inside of the Momplex. Yes, there's lots of work to be done before Mom and Ba Ngoi move in!

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The girls did such a great job on this video! They seem very excited for the new house and I can imagine they'll have tons of sleepover parties at Grandma's house!

Oh my girls! What a darling video - WEB SHOW! you are obviously excited to have your grandmas living close to you. I am a grandma and I would be sooo happy to get to live close to two such darling girls! And I love the flowers you have in the window! I hope you pick your grandmas flowers all the time! And draw them pretty pictures of flowers when there aren't any growing outside! We grandma's LOVE that kind of thing! Maybe you could press some of those flowers and make a flower picture in a frame so grandma can see the pretty flowers you picked when you were still building her home?
Can't wait to see your NEXT Webshow!

Can you believe they did this completely on their own? I'm encouraging them to do more videos, I love having them be part of their Grandma's house and hear the story from their hearts! I will read every single comment to the girls and let you know how big their smiles are!

Wonderful film by two very talented girls! I hope you show us more as things get done!



Tell the girls that they did a great job on the tour!! Love the Mom Plex and all of your updates, Anna! :)

great job, girls! the house looks wonderful! You girls can go find a job on TV! :)

Wow, girls!!! That was fantastic! I hope you continue the video series later this Winter. :-) keep those builders building!

Girls, that was great. Seeing pictures of you gals and hearing about how you help up at the Momplex is one of my favorite things to read about. I hope you do more videos. Maybe you could interview each other and tell us all about the things that you help with at the house. Keep up the good work!

I love their sweet little voices. And the flowers on the bedroom window sill were priceless! Good job Girls! I will be expecting more videos to come.

so cute! i'm a lurker and have been following your blog and momplex updates for awhile. i have to admit that i think you're living my dream life! i visited alaska for the first time this year and immediately wanted to move there. i'm excited to see what comes next! oh, and i didn't know that your mother is vietnamese! i never would have guessed that :)

How adorable you girls are and what a good job you did!
I'll show this to my 4-year-old, I bet he will like it too.

So glad to see the girls perspective of the ongoing work. They are proud of it and should be! Hope to see more videos. Won't the boys be surprised to be online! Great job and keep on going!

What fun they had! They did a great job and I loved the tour! Dad and Tim seemed as excited as my husband is when the camera comes out when he's working!lol

You inspire to start building my own furniture. Great Job to the video.
BTW, is your mother Vietnamese? I noticed you refer to her as Ba Ngoai....


Great job, girls!
I didn't realize just how big the momplex was going to be until I saw this. You guys rock!

Gorgeous video.

I've seen Grace before on your website and from your bio was under the impression that she was your only child. Who was the other little girl behind the camera?

Hey girls, loved your video. I love your mom's pictures and stories, but it's more fun to see the video you two made. I am looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

~Jillian in North Dakota

Last night I read every comment to my daughter, and after the first comment, she crawled under the blankets to hide her blushing cheeks! She's definitely her mother's daughter and has a hard time taking a pat on the back! You don't know how much your comments meant to her, and how very special she felt!

Later, I asked her if she would do more videos, and she said no. What if Mom they don't like my next video as much? I gave her a hug and said of course they will! So here's hoping we can get the super star girls to keep up smiling!

gosh, the camera woman/interviewer is a pro already. get that chile a JOB!
and, so touching to think both girls have recognized the love and the pride and the skill. i'm tearing up and i don't even know you.

I'm bummed, while it looks adorable, I don't get any sound other than "ok" in the very beginning and have no idea why. To check my computer I played another video of yours Ana and the sound worked. I'm pretty much computer illiterate so I have no idea what else to check. (yes my sound is on lol)

The girls are adorable. I am in awe of you, your family and your talents. I just signed up for you blog last week but had been dipping in and out of your webpage for a while. Thanks for sharing an entirely different life style. It is amazing what needs to be done to create a home in Alaska. I live 35 southwest of New Orleans and about 45 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Life and temperatures are very different here. Thanks again for sharing your life.

I have been following the momplex blog since I was on mat leave last year and only now felt the absolute NEED to comment: the video the girls made was awesome! very professional ladies. Grace, you may be shy now (hiding under the covers bulshing- too cute!) but you are gonna be a star, it's in your blood. And your friend or cousin behind the camera? mad skillz with the camera and the interviewing. I do hope you guys do more videos, I would LOVE to follow you like I follow your mom's blog!

The girls did a great job! It was the best house tour I've had!

This is adorable! You should be so proud not just for the obvious cognitive development in your kids but for the great values you're passing onto them. It's great! :)

Wow, when I was the camera girl at age 11, I made everyone nauceous and motion sick trying to watch my shaky videos! Whoever you are, camera girl, you did an EXCELLENT job holding things so still! And Gracie, you are a wonderful host! I would LOVE to see a second video from you! I promise to like it just as much. You two are pretty darn talented! :) Love from Denver, Colorado!