Olivia's Doll Crib and High Chair sets

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About This Project

I have three granddaughters and four great-nieces. I was able to find vintage 50's baby doll cribs for the older two, but not for my youngest granddaughter. I was so excited when I found Ana's doll crib, realizing that I could make the beds and high chair sets for all of the girls. I wanted to use water-slip decals to make the beds look vintage like the older g'daughters', and I found this great website: www.decalcottage.com. I wanted each set to be slightly different, so for the first two sets for sisters, I followed Ana's plans exactly for one, and using the idea from another brag post, used just a rectangle for the ends.The high chair backs are also slightly different. I have since made two more sets which I'll post later, but they all have vintage lambs on the beds and high chairs. It has been so much fun!

White wood, but NOT furring strips, because those in our local blue are usually warped and cracked. It did cost more to use better boards, but worth it.
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
I first primed with one coat of Kilz, then used Olympic brand white gloss spray paint and the clear spray finish.
Estimated Cost: 
About $20 per set for the lumber. I already had the paint and pocket hole screws.