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Did you hear the great news?

The Home Depot is giving away for FREE my book at all Home Depot Events with $20 purchase! Yes, free book with purchase!!!

Just in case you missed it! I am indescribably excited to be going on tour next week! EEK! I finally get to meet so many friends! I truly hope you can make one of the events and am looking forward to seeing you.

But we also wanted to do something special for those of you who have preordered The Handbuilt Home as well.

I truly wanted to cram 1000 plans inside 192 pages to get you the most possible value ... but that's just not possible. So the book is bursting at it seams with 34 of my most favorite plans ever.

But what to do with some of the plans that didn't make the book?

As a special thank you to those of you preordering the book, we'd like to give the plans to you in a special bonus pack. If you have pre-ordered the book, you can download a 5 Plan Pre-Order Bonus Pack, containing 2 completely new, 2 completely redesigned favorites, and 1 must have accessory plan to compliment the book.

Here's the details:

- The preorder campaign will run through next Tuesday, October 9th
- Preorder a copy of The Handbuilt Home from the retailer of choice
- Email a proof of purchase to to receive the Preorder Bonus Pack for download as a special thank you

And you can still preorder the book until October 9th, 2012 from one of the following retailers:

Barnes and Noble

Can you tell I am excited about the book? Of course, we'll be doing even more fun stuff for the book release, so check back to join in on all the fun and excitement!


Do we send our pre-order reciept now, or after the book has been shipped to us? Can't wait to get my hands on the book!

Submitted a .pdf of my receipt by e-mail and received their e-mail back very quick. Their e-mail had the link, it's been downloaded and already checked out! Very easy peasy!

Thank you so much for the bonus. I may never actually build anything, but I like to look and dream. I know myself enough to know I'm a starter, not a finisher, a planner, but not a doer. :D But, you never know... your plans are so easy, I just might get out that saw!

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If you take a suitcase or backpack that is big enough to pack it inside, you best do that.

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I clicked that page but just got a larger map, no details like time of day or address. There are lots of Home Depots in Chicago. Which one will you be visiting? :)

Hi Andrea, the Chicago details are here:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
6:00-8:00 PM
The Home Depot
1232 W North Avenue
Chicago, IL

I also linked the map now to the Book Tour Post.

Really excited you are interested in coming! Can't wait to meet you!

Hi Anna. I have not yet received the extra plans, and I did email my proof of purchase to the email address above. Is there anything you can do to help out with this as well. I saw your comment; I think you have me confused with someone else. I have not been working with bench plans, and have no intentions of building a I believe you meant that comment to be for someone else, just fyi. Thanks again. Christia

I pre-ordered the Kindle edition of your book from Amazon. Will that qualify me for the 5 Plan Pre-Order Bonus Pack?

Hi Laurie, the bonus pack should be available to Kindle editions as well. Just forward on any proof of purchase to get the download link. Thank you so much for preordering!!!

What kind of proof of purchase is needed, can I just forward my order confirmation email? Do they need a pic of the book when received? Help!

Wow! Thank you Ana & Random House. I've forwarded my pre-sale receipt and looking forward to the extras! Now to go check out your new videos.



I am not able to download the bonus pack. I clicked the download button and it wants me to sign in with facebook and then tells me that it is private and I am unable to download it. Please help :] I am very excited to get my build on!!

Sadie, after you sign in, go back to the e-mail and click on the link again. You'll then get to the download. My computer did the same, made me login and then told me it was a private page.

Thank you! I preordered the book, emailed the confirmation email, and received the bonus pack of plans. I am so excited to receive the book, thanks again!

From what I read, you get the bonus pack quickly. I emailed my proof of purchase Thursday last week and haven't received anything yet. Sorry, for being impatient :) Stumbled on your site last week, went and bought my "jig" this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration.

Hey congrats on your book!!! what an accomplishment!!! I have placed your book on my Amazon wish list!!! I'll def get it for x mas!!
PS... Welcome to NYC.... !!

I'm in the same boat. at first I just forwarded my receipt with no comment and there was no auto reply from them getting the email - nothing. So I went back to your page and copied the email addi again and sent it with a formal request. Hope to hear back from them. Looking forward to the book arriving :o)

I am in the same boat, I sent my proof of purchase back on the 5th and as of today, nothing....HELP!

WHOOO.....HOOO....I received my book(s) today. I ordered one from Barnes and Noble, and one thru AMAZON, I received both copies today. So, if you have not pre-ordered your book and you want one, I have one I am willing to sell to you for the price I paid for it which is less than the price on the book. Just email me at or you can call me @315-832-0330. I hope someone will purchase the extra copy from me as I dont need!

Anna, this book is amazing.....and I know it is a little early for this inquiry, but have you started book 2 yet? There just has to be a second one in the works. Thank you...Thank you for this book. Love the ideas, great pictures, clear and precise instructions.....Thank you so muich. You just have to make your way to Baltimore, I can have my copy signed by you! Love you Anna!


Hi Ana,

Wow today I received your wonderful book! It is amazing!!! Thank you.
I have emailed and I have not gotten anything back about downloading the Bonus pack. I live in Germany and I bought your book from Amazon/Germany. I will do some of your projects and also some projects for my dollshouses which you can see on my blog ( Thanks also for the metric conversion chart. A big hug from Germany

I guess it needed the personal touch - They responded, with the link to the extra plans, to the 2nd one I sent. Great projects! Love the graphics! Thanks you!

Hi everyone -

If you are having trouble with the preorder plans, please first, check your spam folder for the plans. If they aren't there, please email me at knockoffwood(at) with subject PREORDER PLANS and we'll figure it out. Thanks so much, Ana