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Three years ago, not in my wildest dreams, could I have ever imagined this day would come. I still cannot even believe that today, my first book, The Handbuilt Home, released. 

Oh. My. Goodness. Pinch me.

The day started out pretty normal. It involved coffee, a backpack with a drill in it, and hauling a piece of furniture around.

Normal stuff for me!

Not so normal for me?  Hauling furniture pieces on the streets of New York City!

Can you guess what piece of furniture this is?

Why it's a piece of a headboard!  

I calmed my nerves by telling myself that some woman, somewhere is going to watch this segment, and she's going to get inspired to build a better home for her family.  It's not about me, it's about the furniture, and the difference knowing how to use a few tools can make in your life.

And I wasn't the tiniest bit nervous when the host insisted on sitting in the Child's Adiorndack Chair.  Handmade baby!

I'll let you know when the segment is live so you can watch if you want to.  Special thanks to my dear friend Jaime for making the headboard and Adirondack Chairs so I didn't have to carry them from Alaska!

And then afterwards, my husband said, let me navigate the streets of New York City and I followed him.  Coincidence that we passed a Barnes and Noble?  What do you think?

So we went inside.  Can you tell I smile when I'm nervous?  Don't tell anyone!

And there it was.

And as I signed the book, I thought about how as a little girl, whenever times were tough, I turned to a notebook, and wrote to take me away from sadness, and how I dreamed of being an author and seeing my words in print.  And in an unexpected way, who would have ever thought through building, you have just helped me make that dream come true.

As surreal as this all is, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation for you. You told me I could. You gave me feedback that helped me grow. You built projects that inspired me to keep going. You made all this possible. I do not take your support for granted. I know this book would not be possible without your support. 

So I wanted to do something fun and special for you today.

I asked all of our favorite building brands to donate building goodies to put together some fun prize packages. Man did they ever come though!  Skil Tool Company, Kreg Jig, Purebond Plywood, 3M and Minwax donated over $1500 in building goodies for you!  

One (1) Grand Prize valued at over $600 includes: 

One (1) 4 Piece Skil Combo Tool Pack courtesy of Skil Tool Co.

One (1) Kreg Jig Set courtesy of Kreg Tool Co.

One (1) $100 Home Depot Gift Certificate courtesy of PureBond Plywood/Columbia Forest Products

One (1) Ana White Work Apron

One (1) Signed Copy of The Handbuilt Home

A Selection of Sandpaper and Safety Gear courtesy of 3M

A Selection of Minwax brushes and stain pens courtesy of Minwax 

Three (3) Runner-Up Prizes valued at over $300 include:

One (1) Kreg Jig Set courtesy of Kreg Tool Co.

One (1) $100 Home Depot Gift Certificate courtesy of PureBond Plywood/Columbia Forest Products

One (1) Ana White Work Apron

One (1) Signed Copy of The Handbuilt Home

A Selection of Sandpaper and Safety Gear courtesy of 3M

A Selection of Minwax brushes ands stain pens courtesy of Minwax 

How to enter? Simple. You can just let me know via Pinterest that you want to win a building goodies package!  

Here's how: Just pin an image with my book cover in it (psst would be awesome to see YOU in the image too!) so I know you want this prize package, and tag the pin in the subject line with #anawhitebook

We will select a winners at random and contact you through your Pinterest account.  I will also update this post to let you know who wins on October 30, 2012. 

Again, here's the Pin 2 Win steps:

1. Pin an image with the book cover in it

2. Make sure you tag it with #anawhitebook so we can find your pin! 

Good luck! 

 One (1) Grand Prize winner and three (3) runners-up will be selected at random to win a Handbuilt Home Prize Pack. Contest valid October 9-October 30, 2012.

Special thanks to our friends at the following companies for supplying the fantastic prizes:

Skil Tool Co
3M Minwax PureBond Plywood/Columbia Forest Products Kreg Tool Company

PS - Don't forget if you live in the Atlanta area, I'm coming to visit you tomorrow and Thursday nights - would love to meet you! View the complete tour schedule here.

photo courtesy Kristen Duke

apron design from That's My Letter

NOTE: To keep fair, please one pin entry per person. I am checking with publisher on whether or not they can ship prize package internationally - hoping so!


Great, great pics and I can't believe our stuff is really there in the studio!!!! And the host is sitting in the kids chair, thank goodness you trust me!!! Love you on the sidewalk with the leg, it's so so NYC. Can't wait till you come back again, that's after I get to AK.

You are a rockstar my friend. I feel blessed that I got to talk to you...but Haven. How inspiring you are showing millions of girls that they can do it too. Go out on faith and just try...and I think it is just the coolest thing in the world! :) Have a great book tour...wish you were coming to Louisville!! :)

Hi Ana
I have your book on order via Amazon! Look, I just figured out this whole pinterest thing but I have no clue how I'm going to pin your book cover!!!
Oh well, congrats anyhow and best of luck on your book tour!!
JoAnn (Canada) :) (aka the technologically challenged fan)

Great job. Love your site and hope I win so I can begin building some of your goodies. Pinned your book

Congratulations!!!! Will you be doing a book signing in Anchorage anytime soon? Would love to go if you are. Well done!

Congratulations Ana! You deserve every second of this! You truly have changed more lives than you will ever know, I'm so proud of all you have accomplished and proud to be along for the ride as a fan and reader/builder!

Thank you, and I mean it. Without your support, this would all still be a dream! Heck, it IS still a dream!

But what I was not expecting the most - what I really have to pinch myself hard to realize is not a dream - is all the kind, genuine friends I have made along the way. They say it's the journey. I say it's the people, and you have all touched my life through encouraging, inspiring, and sometimes, just making me smile or laugh! Thank you so much!

I hope you love the book. I worked super hard on it, and hope the plans will help you make your home better. Thank you so much! Good luck pinning - wish I could have 1000 goodie baskets to send out!

How many times can we pin the book? And I'm not on twitter so I don't get the hashtag thing? Do I just type #anawhitebook when I make my pin to pinterest....#clueless :) Congrats!!

Congratulationsons on your book. Youre an inspiration to me! Really hope youre book also will come in the stores here in norway so I can get it.

Marianne, Bergen, norway

Congrats on your new book. I had no idea you had a book coming out. I am doing my first project from one of your plans. I don't see a brag post yet so I am excited to be the first to be able to post one! :) Should be put together and all painted by Friday. :)

I am reading this with tears in my eyes. Congratulations Ana! I feel as though somehow, you have let us take this journey with you, Thank You!

Sharon ~

Ana -- just pinned your book cover and can't wait to order it on you plan on selling it at Costco? I bet it would be a big seller there! They just had two books by Danny Seo (sp?) from Country Living fame...both up-cycling ideas. Your book fits right in!

Enjoy your tour...and send some of that NY rain our hasn't rained here in Southern Oregon since late June.

A dream come true! Way to go! Have been reading and pinning you all along. So happy for you! We have read your words off the net, now we can read your book! Built 2 cabins in Alaska! Fond memories of peeling logs....:) Would love to win your awesome and generous giveaway! Thanks for giving back right out of the gate! Good wishes to you in life!

Congrats on your book and all you do! Please let us know when your segment is going to air and how we can find out how to watch it! You are such an inspiration.

Congratulations, Ana, and thank you for all the encouragement I receive through your writing.

Have pinned your bookcover, so here's hoping :) I'm guessing the tag had to be in description as nothing was called subject.

Now I sit on pins & needles waiting for your book to arrive!



I really have no idea how to pin anything on facebook.i will follow you on chief's shop. I'll look for the book at my local bookstore.

I am so glad that you have a book. I tried to pin it but it didn't go to my pinterest board. You have really inspired me. I am 66 yo. and I lots of crafts and sewing. I have been wanting to build things. And I want to thank you for inspiring me. I truly appreciate you.!.

When I was young (10) I had a JcPenny catalog that I memorized, looking at the furniture and daydreaming what my home would look like. when the catalog started falling apart I carefully cut out the images and glued them to a notebook, my mom still has it. Fast foward to being a stay at home mom to 3 girls, still looking a magazines, catalogs, etc, and dreaming of making my house a home. But it seemed impossible, everything I liked was out of reach, too expensive, I was getting used to the idea to settiling for sauder type furniture or mismatched handmedowns. But then I found your website, saw the few youtube videos, looked at the plans, read the brags... Ana you have given me my dream, to fill my home with beautiful things. Thank YOU, in return I got your book (I only want to build 30 of the plans, no biggie) it's not much, I feel that what you have givin me is worth much more. Just know that I THANK YOU, and I am sooo happy for U!

p.s I did pin 2 win, don't know if it worked I named the board #anawhitebook and in that board is the pin with the same name, hopefully it's not considered 2 entrys

I just discovered your blog through pinterest and was SO very happy! I have been wanting to build things myself since I can remember but always left it to second plan for fear of not being able to do it, or just not knowing how to and being too ashamed to learn (this one is stupid, I know). You inspire me to go on and stop being afraid of trying!

Thank you so much for being an inspiration to the tool (and fear of) challenged. My father taught me to use tools and how to read a tape measure when I was a girl and we built many things together, including house additions, but I was never comfortable using power tools unless he was around. He passed away 7 years ago and I have not picked up even a drill since. Finding your site has given me the confidence to continue his legacy and start using the tools he left me again. I have also started teaching my son, just like Papa taught me.
Thank you for the giveaway and keep inspiring us! I pinned your book cover to my sweeps board.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. We visited 3 different (national) bookstores yesterday before we found the book, but we finally found it, and hubby and I are both so impressed and inspired! I can't wait to start my first project! I've pinned and tagged, and hoping that I'm the lucky one chosen.

I have been following your site from early on.I was interested at first because we too have built our own home ourselves and there are always changes we are doing or upgrades when we could afford them. Your projects have inspired me and my daughter. Looking forward to driving up from Soldotna when you have your book signing in Anchorage. Will be watching for details. So happy for you Ana!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas.

Ana, I discovered your site a couple days ago through pinterest....and since then A LOT of my free time has been spent ooglying over all of the amazing projects. I can't wait to try one out (but it's sooo hard to pick just one to start with - I want to do some many!). I hope to do one for a Christmas gift for my sister. I really hope that I am chosen - I can't wait to get started! I was already following you on pinterest so I just repinned your pin of the book. I hope that qualifies! Thank you so much for this site.

that is the only word needed... inspiring. Congrats to you. Can't wait to get a copy of the book.

Ana, so excited for you in the publication of your book and all the fun you had. I love, love, love your projects and the way you make them look so very easy and affordable to do. You are encouraging & inspiring to say the least.

I have so many of them pinned for future reference. Headed to Pinterest now to get my chance at winning some goodies. I just think I may be headed to Amazon or BN to pick up your book for a few Christmas presents as well.

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration with so many. Be blessed!

I have been waiting to hear who the winners to your giveaway are. I have searched all over your blog and can"t find it. I pinned on pinterest, but sadly like the other post stated I can't seem to find my pin, or any pin for #anawhitebook.
You are awesome. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

I think I might have missed this! hoping not!

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