Folding Pet Stairs Help

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Folding Pet Stairs Help
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I am in need of some folding pet stairs for our aging dog and found these online: 

It's exactly what I'm looking for, but I have no clue how to get started. All the stair plans I've found are more like stools and I'm looking to cover a height of 20-24". Ideally, I'd like them to be not too obtrusive into the room.
Has anyone come across any plans similar to this?

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pet stairs

I would also like something like that. I have an older dog and would love folding stairs. The closest thing I have found is this.,,20311176,00.html I really would prefer steps over a ramp.

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that's a good one! i hadn't

that's a good one! i hadn't seen the ramp. Surely we can find someone on the boards who could convert the ramp portion into stairs for us?? ;)

Make drawers...

How high do you need to go and how high can your pet step up?

If you made a set of drawers that fit under the bed, and then put a cover on the top of each drawer, you would have storage, and steps.

So make a set of drawers.
Inside each drawer, put a strip of wood on each side.
Place a piece of plywood on the wood.

You now have storage-steps.