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triple bunk bed...
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I was desperately hoping that Ana would have easy triple bunk bed plans available. My husband and I have little experience, but I know that we could do a project as long as it was simple. We NEED a triple bunk bed for our 3 boys. They share a room that is about 10x9 (with 9' ceilings), with a very small closet, and there is absolutely no way we could fit 3 twin beds, or even a set of double bunks and a single twin in the room with their dresser and their small toy cubby. I am hoping that either Ana, or even another experienced carpenter on these forums could write a simple plan for a triple bunk like the one in this link below. Scroll down just a bit to see the triple bunk.

All the triple bunks I can find online are between $1000 and $2000, not including shipping. We are a one income family and cannot afford much more than about $300. I also need to know that the plans will be safe for my boys.

It seems like there is a big need out there for triple bunk bed plans, given the economic difficulty that is forcing a lot of big families to down size to much smaller places and have several kids sharing rooms. I would love help with this!

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triple bunk beds

Have you thought about using the plans to build loft beds at a right angle to each other (called L-shaped)? Then you could place one twin bed under one loft bed, and under the other one place their dresser and/or toy cubby? [I tried finding the brag post where I first saw this, but with the Ana's new format, I couldn't find it...tried loft bed, double loft bed, l-shaped loft bed searches...but the post is buried.] This is what I plan to do for my 3 grandsons small bedroom. Good luck!

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Room for three beds

I *think* this is the one you were referring to that created the "L"? - this is an amazing idea, and just throwing another bed underneath (maybe creating the classic bunk and a loft bunk, making the two top beds the same height) would be an ideal solution?

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The bunk bed in the first

The bunk bed in the first slide looks very similar to the classic bunk bed plan here: , with a few modifications. The bed would have to be around 72 inches high, and you would need to purchase additional materials for the slats. You wouldn't need as many rails if you only use two per each of the upper bunks and one for the bottom bunk. I hope this helps.

triple bunks

I would love a plan like this, too. I have been thinking about doing this myself for my 3 nieces. I found this. I bet I could figure out a plan for it. It doesn't look too difficult. I may have to give it a try!