Very Small Spaces: Wall Desk and Lift Up Bed

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Very Small Spaces: Wall Desk and Lift Up Bed
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My son is moving into a 350 sq ft cottage and we are working on ideas to conserve every inch that we can. Most projects aren't appropriate for such a small space. I love this desk:

I bet Ana can come up with a way to make something like this that isn't as complicated nor expensive.

The other thing I want to make is a bed like this:

It looks like a great way to use the under the bed space easier and more fully.

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This desk is what I am

This desk is what I am looking for too. I found specs online, kindof. Just can't seem to figure out if they used plywood, and how wide the legs are. Guess I will try to build it and hope it works!

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I would go with a murphy bed

I would go with a murphy bed to maximize the space! Ana has a plan that can be adjusted to any size bed. It would be very easy to add some built in shelves for much needed storage.

I recently built several benches for a client that was lacking space. Benches are a great way to have a multi-use item. They can be used for seating, as a coffee table, desk chair, step stool, or a bedside table. A great space saver is to add hooks to the wall to hang them when not in use! Here is a link to the ones I just built. (plans from Ana of course!)

Good Luck!

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wall desk plans

I found the wall desk plans on pinterest. It seems pretty easy to build and I absolutely LOVE this idea. Everything is hidden away when the desk is up but functional and well within reach when the desk is down. You have to let us know how it turns out and if it is easy to use.