Fancy Doll Bed

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About This Project

I made this set for my granddaughter using the Fancy Doll Crib plans. On this build I enlarged the size of the Fancy doll crib to be closer to the Olivia crib. For anyone interested: ends-13 5/8”; bottom-21¾”; side rails 21”; legs-20”; 12- 3/8” dowels @ 8¼”. I thought the scale of the finials from Lowe’s were too large, so I found some I liked better at Hobby Lobby: 3 pcs per pack @ $1.47, item #165274. Since I got 6 altogether, I put two on the high chair. Love the look. I also changed the shape of the curve of the ends and replicated that on the highchair back. The shape of the highchair tray is also curved and slightly cantilevered over the side ends; the tray is 4¾” x 13” to allow for the curve, cut from a 6” wide length of scrap. The vintage lamb theme that I used with my great-nieces is carried out with this set, too. I found the water-slip decals at

White wood and pine
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
I primed using Kilz, then I used left-over Olympia bright white interior paint which I sprayed on. I mistakenly used a water-based brush-on acrylic urethane which yellowed. So I will sand and repaint the one piece.
Estimated Cost: 
Not including the bedding, between $20-25