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And now for the fun part!!!!

Da dum da dum!  

This is definitely one of those posts that deserves sound effects.

Remember a few weeks back we did the Pin 2 Win Contest?

Just to refresh, the kind folks over at PureBond Plywood, Minwax, 3M, Kreg Jig, and Skil Tools donated thousands of dollars in prizes for you to win just by pinning the cover of the book!

With DIY everyone's a winner, right?  But we wanted to do something extra special just for those of you who read the blog, and it's a great honor to be able to express some thanks back via big fat prize packages!

Our grand prize winner, picked via Random.org, winner of over $600 in building goodies and gift cards goes to .....

Leslie Bobo!  Congrats, Leslie!  Leslie and I come from the same town, and it was a HUGE surprise to me that she won!  Leslie, I'm looking forward to seeing you in Anchorage for the Barnes and Noble Book Signing on the 10th!

And our three runner up prize packages consisting of $100 Home Depot Gift Card from PureBond Plywood, Kreg Jig Set, Minwax and 3M goodies, a book and work apron (yep, these are sweet packages!) goes to:

Jen Mobbs

Ulrike Grimaldi

Amanda Griffin

Congrats!  Winners, please email me with your name and address with subject line GIVEAWAY WINNER to knockoffwood(at)gmail.com and we'll get your goody bags shipped pronto!

Thank you all for entering!  We'll announce the Facebook Contest winners soon too!  Best luck!


And now I know this isn't nearly as exciting as winning tools and gift cards - I know right, who can compete with that???? - but something pretty exciting happened to me this last week as well!

I got to build a real project on the Hallmark TV show Home and Family!

This all happened very fast.  After returning home from the book tour, boarding another plane and checking into another hotel room was about the last thing I wanted to do.  But I love DIY and want to share with everyone what you can make with a few simple boards and a drill.  Some of us are visual learners.  Some of us don't have internet. 

If this trip inspires just one person to learn to build for themselves, my time will be well worth it!

And I finally got to meet the amazing Paige Davis!  Yes, she really is as beautiful and funny and energetic as she was on Trading Spaces!  Love her!

Paige is now co-hosting a new MUST WATCH tv show on the Hallmark Channel called Home and Family.  The show is THE show we've all been missing: "The ultimate destination for innovative home ideas and improvements, as well as being the place for the latest information, trends and products for everyone in the home."  

Can I say the new Martha Stewart show?  

The show is also co-hosted by Mark Steines. 

What surprised me the most about Home and Family is how much the hosts truly care.  Mark was very much into building a project with me, despite having a dozen or more other segments going on in the same episode.  One of the other segments was fixing a door.  Long after the cameras stopped rolling, when everyone else had moved on, Mark, a well know national tv host, was still outside, fixing that door.  Home and Family is the real deal!  They care, and you will want to tune in to make your home the best for your family!

I hope you can tune in and watch Mark and I build a project together.  It's a fun easy project that will make your holidays much more organized, and best of all, the only power tool you will need is a drill!  The hardware store cut the boards for this project, so no saw cuts were even required.

The episode airs on Monday, November 5, 2012 10a/9c (times can vary depending on location) on the Hallmark Channel, Home and Family show.  Be sure to check your local listings for times as they vary depending on where you live.

I hope you love the segment!



So I got this email 10 minutes ago and was like, "Awesome! It's on right now! I will go watch". Turns out I suddenly don't have the Hallmark channel. Dang, swear it was there before. Maybe it is online? Oh well. Sounds great! Congrats!

I just happened to be checking my RSS feed this AM...in plenty of time to DVR Home & Family! Watching now and trying to hold back from fast-forwarding to your segment, Ana!

Congrats on all of your success! Well deserved!

I have to tell you Ana, my kids (ages 14, 15 and 16) were just as excited to see you on TV as I was!!! They were like, Mom, is that the lady you keep talking abou? I was all excited about it... YES!!! It's ANA!!!! Congrats Ana, I'm so excited for you and proud of you! I know that's probably weird coming from someone that you don't know, but it's great to see you come so far in such a short period of time! Awesome!!! Keep up the great work! Oh - and the show was great!