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Hi everyone! Happy Friday to you!

We are getting so close to the Holidays. Are you busy building gifts for friends and family? Handmade gifts really are the best!

Today, I have a gift for you! We don't do a whole lot of giveaways here just because I like to spend my time giving away plans, but this is one giveaway I could not resist sending your way.

It's no secret that I love my Kreg Jig, and on book tour, I was not the least bit surprised to find out that you love the Kreg Jig too! Many people told me that the Kreg Jig changed their lives. And I had to giggle and say, Me TOO! It really is all that!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Kreg Jig, here's a little video I did a while back on it. NOTE: Please excuse the - uh, awkward - top in this video. Going turtleneck shopping today.

Here's the bottom line on the Kreg Jig. It enables you to build faster, easier, and straighter projects with less materials. And you can join projects edge to edge, and in many cases, hide all of your screw holes. I find the projects I build with pocket holes are just in general nicer projects. It's an investment that will serve you your entire life.

Kreg Jig has put together a Toolboxx in limited quantities of over $415 of our favorite tools, including 4 jigs (yes, the HD is in there!), over 1000 screws and 8 accessories including clamps and more for a steal at $299!

This is a limited quantity offer, just for you all!

The entire set comes in a toolbox for easy storage.

With over 1000 screws already in the kit, the screw tray folds out of the way to access the tools inside.

4 Jigs! 2 Clamps including the right angle clamp!

And how handy is this? A wheel that helps you select screw sizes!

Here's a video demonstration of everything included in this kit.

This kit would make a great gift, or you can put it on your Christmas list! You can check out all the options for the Kreg Toolboxx Master Collection and purchase it here.

And when the folks at Kreg told me about this, I said, sweet! But can we also have one just to giveaway?

So if you want to win the Kreg Toolboxx Master Collection, you can enter here. Note that if you do win and have already purchased it, you will be refunded for your purchase.

Just go check out the Kreg Toolboxx Master Collection, tell us in a comment what tool you are most excited about, and enter through Rafflecopter. A winner will be selected and notified on Wednesday, Novemeber 20, 2012, notified directly and announced in an update to this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks everyone! Good luck, and have a great weekend!


It's cute. Wear what makes you comfortable, whether it's a v-neck or a turtle neck. We'll watch you no matter what you're wearing, so long as you keep making cool stuff and showing us how to do cool things.

I just started using a kreg jig I inherited. I love it and I can't wait to do so many projects with it.

I don't have any jigs but I think the standard one would perfect to get started building a new headboard for my son.

We have the basic jig but I would love the whole toolbox!!

I keep seeing everyone use this on blogs, and I can't wait to get my hands on one.

I would love to even try this baby out! Sadly, no funds to buy one but I can at least dream. :)

Those clamps look super heavy duty and would be good for any project.

OMG! We are building a new kitchen starting in January and this would be so amazing to win! We currently have my friends on "loan" and I know he'll want it back!

I would be excited to have the whole shebang! GREAT GIVEAWAY!

I love my Kreg Jig! I had never heard of it until you came along! I can not imagine all the things I wouldn't be able to do without it! Thank you so much!

I love my Kreg Jig! I had never heard of it until you came along! I can not imagine all the things I wouldn't be able to do without it! Thank you so much!

I would love the "real" jigs, I've made everything so far with the Kreg Jig® Jr. which is fabulous, but can be a pain to unclamp from the board every time you want to drill a new hole.

I have the basic Kreg Jig and LOVE IT. I would be super excited to get the kit/organizer. Everything you need in one package, it's a thing of beauty. If only other things came this neatly wrapped up!

WOW a Kreg Jig would make building a dream. What a great giveaway. Win or not, I hope my husband can have one of these waiting under the tree this year!

What!! What an awesome giveaway! I just have the Kreg Jr, because that's all I could really shell out so I'm excited for all of it!! I REALLY hope I win!!

I need it all!!! I'm just starting to build my tool collection and the costs add up quick! This tool would be such a blessing!

I would love to gift this to my friend who is remodeling her parents' home. It would complement Ana's book that I already bought for her.
It is on my own wish list as well...I would love to use the HD for my shed project...
Thanks Ana!

I actually just discovered your blog this week, I've already bought your book from Amazon and a miter saw, I'm sooo excited to learn how to build furniture & home decor items! A Kreg jig is at the top of my wishlist... the funniest is that my husband isn't handy at all and his name is Craig, so when I watch the Kreg videos and keep hearing how Kreg can do anything and make building so much easier I crack up :)

i am most excited about...the whole thing! i have wanted to get a kreg jig for a while now, but when i went looking, there were a few options, and i wasnt sure, so i was going to do more research...but this comes with everything all in one!! please please pick me!! :-)

Wow, what a great giveaway. Win or not, I hope my husband can have one of these under the Christmas Tree this year.

I am new to woodworking, but I am head over heels for it! The thing I am most excited about is all of it. Really, I could get so much use out of every single item in the giveaway!
Hoping I win!

What!! What an awesome giveaway! I just have the Kreg Jr, because that's all I could really shell out so I'm excited for all of it!! I REALLY hope I win!!

Oh my goodness! I didn't even see that wheel chart for selecting screw sizes! I am sure the guys at Lowes will be happy about that! Maybe I can stop going in there and asking them how to figure it out!

I am really most excited for the classic Kreg jig. I've been wanting to get one, but they are quite pricey and have not gotten around to it. It would really make it so much easier to construct the projects from Ana's book!

MAN! The Kreg Jig has been on my wish list since March. It's been a LONG nine months... here's hoping I can score this one and get it BEFORE Christmas! I don't know if I can hold out much longer...

I would LOVE to have this and my husband and dad would have to beg me to use it!

WOW WOW WOW!!! I think my stomach dropped along with my jaw when I saw this giveaway! This would be AMAZING to win. AMAZING!!! Here's hoping!!! Thanks so much!

I think the jig would get a lot of use at my house and would be fun to work with. I need lots of tools and this would be great!

I really like the original unit. Have a small one but really want it all. Then my Honey Do List could become a I Can Do List.

I can't wait to make a higher chair and some drawers! Thanks Ana for the fun give away!

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm on your RSS feed and love your plans. I would like to get this Kreg Jig so that I can start building.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I would be most excited to get a Kreg (4!) and get started on all the fantastic projects I've been dreaming about. The entire toolbox and contents would be icing.

I would love to get my hands on one of those kreg jigs. I have a lot of baby furniture to make before next June when my husband and I have our first born!

Kreg Jigs and clamps are what I am most excited about plus the rest of the set to make the perfect gift. My fiance is always telling me how Kreg Jigs makes wood-working products look that much nicer and of course clamps only help! Very excited for the whole set because we just got a garage where he can start all the projects he's been waiting to build, including our dining room table.

I would love to win this kit, we have been wanting to buy a Kreg Jig so we can get started on some more complicated projects! Thank you for everything you do, you're great!

Since I don't have a any Kreg Jigs yet I'm just most excited that this kit comes with 4. These are definitely on my birthday and Christmas gift lists.

I really enjoy your blog since discovering it on Pinterest. Keep it up!

The entire Kreg Line looks very appealing and easier than my current biscuit joiner. I have to say though, the right angle clamp, to me is the most appealing. The right tool is a necessity, but an extra set of hands is LUXURY.

Love the Kreg Jig!! Pocket holes have saved me from messed of projects!

I have the basic clam and Master system already. I think the right angle clamp would be really useful. I built the Jelly Jar Cabinet off plans from this site and I could have really used it then.

i like most about this is...everything! it all comes together with everything you need....and i need one!! :-)

I had never heard of the Kreg jig until I started checking your website everyday after seeing you in a magazine article. I don't live as far away as Alaska, but in rural Nebraska and over an hour from the closest home center. I know what it's like to need tools! I am most excited about using the Kreg for joining boards in a hidden fashion rather than using my biscuit joiner! I don't have a blog or a homepage, I'm just a mom and a wife trying to learn my way around the garage...slowly but surely! Thanks for the offer and thanks for your website!

I have a list of projects I'd love to try but do not yet have Kreg jig. This would be amazing!

My husband so desperately wants this system. I've been keeping my eye on it to see if the basic Kreg goes on sale. I hope to be able to pick him up something.

new to wood working and I know this would help immensely! My late husband had this on his wish list.

I totally need an want this. I'm a HUGE fan of kreg jig an their products. I have one of their beginner models that I simply outgrew. This would be an awesome holiday gift for myself an great motivator to start several new projects this winter.

I can't decide if the standard or the HD would be my favorite! I was looking at the standard at Home Depot the other day, it's just out of budget right now :(

Just picked up a used Kreg K2 jig - it's solid and all metal! It's great so far but I'd love to have the new standard jig that more easily accepts boards other than 3/4" thickness too!

Thanks for doing this! You were an inspiration at the Fairbanks Barnes and Noble book signing. I think everything about this kit is great and would be a great way for me to get started on any of your amazing projects!

I'm in love with the right angle clamp. How sweet is that? Thanks for the chance, Ana - love your work.

I would LOVE to win this prize. We just bought our first house, and I am dying to try out some of the plans from Ana White. This would be just the thing to really get me going!

I would Love the actual Kreg Jig!!!! I am constantly building something and just recently saw you raving about it!!! Please make my dreams come true and change my life with the Amazing Kreg Jig. Thanks a million and keep up the amazing work!! Love!!

we already have a lot of Kreg products in our shop (the router table is one of our faves!) - I would love to try the right angle clamp - such an awkward angle to clamp!

I first saw one on your blog about a year ago and have wanted one ever since. They are pretty hard to find around here. Maybe someday.....

I am hoping to get this for my young daughter, who is learning to do woodworking. I can't pick just one thing: she would use any and all of it! I have the only 8-year-old girl I know of with her own set of powertools.

The Kreg jog is the best Christmas gift I've received in years. I'd love to have the clamps to make life easier!

Yes, yes, YES! I've been dying to get the supplies to start building and using your plans. This would be the ultimate Christmas gift for myself.

Would love a Kreg Jig!!! I've been wanting one forever!! We just moved and I would looove to make a new dining room table for my new dining room :) :)

I am just getting started with building projects, but I am very excited to add anything that will make it easier! I've been collecting the basic power tools for years, but am ready to add more goodies to the collection!

I hae the mini one that I just got to try out and I will never build anything without it. It looks so much nicer and works awesome!

This is on my Christmas list this year, I'm most excited about the jig. Thanks for the giveaway!!

I can't wait to get one of these, I think the Kreg Jig HD looks like it would be very helpful. I love that they put together the Master Collection so I have a set of the best things to use, can't wait to try it with my next project.

I have been wanting a Kreg Jig ever since I found on Pinterest! I really really want the Master system because it looks like the easiest to use. Fingers crossed....

I love the Kreg Jig!
But my daughter loves it too and has mine.
I soooo need this kit!!!

The clamps!! Right now we try to rig up something for our one jig. We are on our second project you built! First was the fancy x table and now the pottery barn knock off dresser.

I'm just starting up my supply if tools and accessories for building furniture of my own. This sure would be a great addition!!!

Oh, I don't even know where to begin! My hubby has recently been getting excited about woodworking, and this would be a great addition to his (currently tiny) collection!

I would love this!! I have the basic Jig but have started building beds and nightstands for the family and could really use this!!! Great products!!!

I have been wanting to get the pocket jig forever - this would be amazing! What a terrific contest and prize from one of my favorite sites!

I keep seeing everyone use this on blogs, and I can't wait to get my hands on one. There's so many things I make with my dad's help.

I'm asking for all tools on my Christmas list this year. A Kreg Jig is at the very top of the list. I'm new to building and can't wait to have enough tools of my own to start all the projects I want!!

I have been wanting to get the pocket jig forever - this would be amazing! What a terrific contest and prize from one of my favorite sites!

The right angle clamp would be amazing plus the box itself would be awesome just to keep it all organized!

I keep seeing everyone use this on blogs, and I can't wait to get my hands on one. There's so many things I make with my dad's help.

As a new stay at home mom, I have been eye balling all the wonderful plans on your site and would love to try a bunch of them. The basic jig is on my Christmas list this year, I would love this package!!!

I would love the whole toolbox! I've been wanting a Kreg Jig since I first saw you mention it!