Bunks that sleep FOUR!!!

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Bunks that sleep FOUR!!!
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Has anybody tackled something like the first picture on this blog?


I've seen these posted in many blogs, but can't figure out where they're from. I'm usually good at drawing up my own plans, but since my kids would be sleeping in these I'd rather have some experienced back-up!!!

Ana, my kids would love these for Christmas!!!


I have seen this style of bed in The Netherlands (amsterdam), I visited several museums, one of which was the famous painter house Vincent Van Gough. He had slept in one of these. Also I went to several farm houses and they had the same style of bed that looked like it was built in the wall or boxed into the wall with a curtain over the wall to keep in warmth and for privacy. I cant remember the exact reason for this, but I know that they are limited on space as most houses are very small around 20 x20 and they all share a bathroom. Maybe you can google and find something.


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combine ana's plans

You can combine a few of ana's plans to get something similar.

Pick any one of these bunks:

Or even sleep six (just add rails like one of the above):

Personally I think the classic would work best for this. Do not do the opening or the ladder. Or if you want an opening do it at the foot of the top bunks.

Now add this:

Just make one stairs with no rails and attach it to both bunks. You won't get much storage out of it so don't count on it. But depending on the style of the bottom bunks footboard you might be able to reach some of the shelves. If you went with the classic bunk you could even skip the foot board rails and put backs on alternate sides of the shelves for the stairs so that each bottom bunk has a few shelves.

now if you wanted to you could add this:

if you used it for a mattress instead of storage you could sleep 6-10 (depending on if you made the regular twin or the twin over full, and if you made the trundle full or twin under a full)

after all that if you want to keep going you could add this:

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another idea

another idea if your room isn't long enough for two end to end bunks plus stairs is to do it in the corner:

Build the two bunks like above, but put one in the corner, put the stairs coming out of it from the front and along the length. Then attach the foot of the other bunk to the stairs. Does that make sense? They would be like an L with the stairs between them. Might be easier to make the shelves accessible that way too.

If you wanted the trundle you could only get one in this way.

Kristine D
You should check out the

You should check out the August Fields blog! The top picture is of her boys' bunk room! http://augustfields.blogspot.com/search/label/Boy%20Bunk%20Room

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Any Ideas??

I would love to see how to FINISH any of these bunk bed plans to look built in....not just adding stairs, but the molding, walls, etc. How to make it look like it was there when the house was built, not added later or built elsewhere and brought in?

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Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the replies! We were not able to get something built by Christmas, but now that I am Pregnant with #4 we need to get these build ASAP!

@Kristine D, yes, I saw that August Fields copied these plans. @philliB, on the August Fields blog you will se three or four posts covering the building process. You can get an idea of how they were finished.

I will post once we get the project under way/completed.

Thanks again!