Double Camp Loft bed

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About This Project

I used the plans from the Camp Loft bed and adjusted to exactly what I needed. Two twin beds in a small bedroom without losing any floor space. I found the slide on craigslist while I was building this and it made the best addition. I also added a shelf along the base of one bed for the boys to have a play table and adds stability to the base of the bed to keep it from rocking.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
I have not yet added the finish as I needed the beds up asap. I plan on spending a weekend when the kids are gone by simply adding a coat of poly.
Estimated Cost: 


Great Bed! Can I get the plans the way that they were modified? I am a beginner and definately need the step by step plans. This would be great for my nephew's!

I just made the first bed as the plans had. Instead of doing the stairs I just did an extra 2x4 across the legs so they can get up onto the platform. For the 2nd bed I followed the same instructions as the first but only doing one end and the rails (made a giant L) then flipped and screwed right into the side of the other bed. I used pocket holes all around so it went together very quickly.

I really like this bed!my boys will love it! I am a beginner can I please get the plans and tell me how to make the bed with 5 feet high for more space
It will be my first time I can't wait. Thank you !

I have scoured the web for this loft for my two youngest girls! As I am terribly untalented at drawing up plans PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP make your adjusted plans available? I have until the end of next month to build this for my princesses birthday and I'm more than a touch frazzled that I cannot find these plans anywhere. Take pity on the less talented and please post your plans? Or email them?

Thank a ton in advance!

~Building a better future... hopefully~