X-End Table Without the Xs

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About This Project

I started out building the Rustic x-End Table but got frustrated with the Xs not fitting well so I left them off. I showed the unfinished table to a friend and she wanted it, but with some changes and additions that lets her use it outside near her pool. So the pics show the final result including the K she wanted in the center of the shelf.

I lined the shelf with glass tiles and a wooden K and grouted everything in. The glass tiles have a few of the blue and green hues you find in swimming pools, I hope.

The top is not glued down just in case the top boards begin to warp or crack and can be repaired. Of course at Restoration Hardware a warp, crack or knot just raises the price.

All pine
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Top: Minwax Gunstock covered with three coats of Rust-oleum ultimate polyurethane. The shade may not be on cue as I first used a light oak shade and didn't like it so I just put the gunstock over it. I did use minwax wood conditioner but I am not sold on it. The instructions are frightening (Do Not Let Dry or Face the Consequences!) and I am not really sure it does what is advertised. Everyone make up your own mind. Rest of it: Two or three coats of Rust-oleum white satin enamel spray.
Estimated Cost: 
About $50. The tiles were $8 total and the letter $1.50. Add grout, polyurethane, screws, glue, paint, sandpaper and other stuff and you come close to $50.