Color My Room - or Furniture! - with My Colortopia

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So you do know the hardest part about building is choosing the paint or finish, right? Oh, we know! 

Gosh, I can't believe more than a year ago, the folks over at MyColortopia asked me to contribute some of my furniture painting experience to their site, and what a site it has grown up to become! Can I tell you how super excited I am they have asked me on again for 2013?

For those of not already familiar with MyColortopia, it's simply Glidden's online source for all things paint inspiration.  But the cool part is it's not just a site that says "hey, that's a pretty color" - it's a site that says "hey, that's a pretty color, and here's that specific color if you want to duplicate these results!"

There's lots of tools, too, to help you take inspiration to your own walls and furniture at home.  One of my favorite tools is My Image Inspiration where you can upload an image and get paint color suggestions based off that image.  And we aren't talking about a tool that just pulls colors from your image.  Instead, it's a tool that pulls colors and suggests designer created color palettes to compliment the image inspiration.  Pretty cool stuff!

And MyColortopia has done it again!  They have recently debuted a new color tool for you to use.  This time, you can upload an image of your room (or furniture!) and test out paint colors on it.  

The new tool is called ColorMyRoom.  And it's something you want to check out - even if you are a photoshop pro - because it's easy to use and works with designer created palettes of paint that you can actually go to Walmart or Home Depot (to name just a couple locations) and have mixed up to match the results on your computer!

I decided to test it out for you first before making a recommendation.

It's been six years now since I painted our bedroom.  And I absolutely loved the green at the time, and still love it.  But I'm starting to think about updating a little.  Refreshing the room with new colors would be a simple and inexpensive update.

As you browse the MyColortopia site, you can save color palettes to your account by just dragging them up to your Project Folder to save.  These color palettes are created to compliment by the Glidden Team, many assisted by top home/diy bloggers like Kate from Centsational Girl and Nicole from Making It Lovely .. and yours truly!

Now's the fun part.  Let's test those color palettes out on a room!  First, go to MyColortopia Color My Room Tool.

And click on Get Started.

I uploaded my bedroom picture and then started clicking off the areas I wanted to test out new paint colors on.  

You don't have to be perfect.  You can grab any of those points to adjust quickly and easily.

Once you have things sectioned off, it's time to start painting!

What do you think?

I thought it was a little bright, so instead painted the bench the blue and went with a neutral wall.

The really cool part is you can use the tools to color furniture too!  I painted the bench red and really liked that!

And then once you are happy with the colors, you can just take the paint colors to your paint counter and get the room (or furniture) you painted in the picture!

Check it out!  A few minutes of paint planning could save you hours of sanding and repainting your walls or projects!

Thanks MyColortopia!  I am sponsored by Glidden and have been contracted to write a post about MyColortopia Color My Room reflecting my own views.  Verdict: could save you tons of time and help you make better projects!


It would be nice if it asked you if you actually WANT coordinating colors. I'm wanting to paint our bedroom a medium green with a navy stripe down the wall, but since I have yellow pine flooring and trim/doors to work with, I need to be careful about the shades of green/navy I choose. I've tried using their tools before, but they don't seem to offer any CONTRASTING color palates (and I can't seem to find a site that does offer contrasting color palates). Maybe a suggestion you can pass along for those of us that LOVE contrasting colors that express personalities better then bland, coordinating ones, but need a little help finding the right shade? I've found blue's tools to be decent, if you already know that shade you are interested in, but I would like to have more variety in tools like this.