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Baseball headboard
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I'm in the beginning stages of building furniture for my sons toddler room. I found the perfect headboard for the room too! The only thing is there are not plans for it and I can't see what they did for a footer. Here are the plans I want to use for the bed BUT I want to modify the headboard to look like this

I'm not sure if you can click on the links I listed above but you can definitely copy and paste them in the browser.

I'm VERY new to making furniture ( only 1 thing so far and I just made it yesterday) but I think I can make plans for the headboard, my main question is, can the header and footer not match and look ok??? I listed both links so you can see what the header and footer will look like. I know the obvious answer might be, just make a baseball bat footer. My only thing is the bats are VERY expensive and the cost will start to defeat the purpose of me making it to save money.

Note: I will also be building the Kenwood bookshelf, nightstands and a dresser (dresser is not a kenwood plan).

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks,

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Have you thought about

Have you thought about ripping the bats in half down the middle and nailing them to a solid piece of wood? I would double the bats and have nearly the same look.

OR, making the footer solid and painting it to look like the scoreboard at your sons favorite teams ballpark!?!

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Great idea!

Not sure what direction I'm going to take yet but I really like this idea.

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