French Country Outdoor Dining Table

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French Country Outdoor Dining Table
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This table from Restoration Hardware is beautiful, simple and solid--and almost $3000. The basic shape is similar to a coffee table of Ana's. I would love to be able to make this.

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ChristyRay, Ana Has a Plan for the table you like

Hi ChristyRay,

Ana has a plan for a table that looks just like this one! Hers is called the Providence Table. Also there is a bench plan to go with it.
The link for this table is:

Here's how I found the link: click on "plans" icon near the top of the screen and then key in the search term "providence" - it will bring up any plans that have that search term. Also there is a section in the plan where you'll see a lot of beautiful brag posts from readers who have built it so far.
:) Joanne