Kitchen Cupboards

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Kitchen Cupboards
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My husband and I just bought our first home and have very "lovely" kitchen cupboards that have a veneer finish. Over time, they have quite a bit of sun damage and are faded greatly. Since we are newlyweds and new homeowners, I'm looking to update them myself to cut costs. I would like to either stain them or paint them but cannot sand them since it will take the veneer right off and I'll be stuck with plywood, basically.

They are a dark wood color/oak right now and I would be totally up for making an antique look with a cream color so the dark could still come through. Or a nice stain that would freshen them up.

So, I have 2 questions:

1. Can I update a veneer finish with a new paint or stain?
2. Which would cover better and still work in a kitchen-environment?

If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it!

From one homemaker to another, thank you!