need storage bed frame

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need storage bed frame
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Hi first time on this site and loving it! We are getting ready to move into a big girl bed for our daughter, we currently have a convertible bed that goes from crib to toddler bed to full size , which is where we are now. I love the design of the headboard and footboard but we desperately need additional storage. Since I need a frame anyway I was hoping to find something to meet both needs at once. Not sure how to search the site to find exactly what im in need of , dont get me wrong....have started a new list of things I could use ! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I built a bed for my husband

I built a bed for my husband and I from Ana's Farmhouse Bed plan and modified it to have storage boxes on each side.

Then, I built a second Twin-sized version for my niece. This one only has one storage box, since it would be placed against a wall. But, both beds have a hinged footboard to allow access under the bed in the dead space for even more storage!

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finding plans

RE: the posts above are very inspiring, I loved Birds and Soap combo of she gave me an idea for storing under the middle of the bed too, mine was different.

To search for plans you can also click on the Plans tab (right above Ana and her little girls pic at the top left of the page) ,it will give you a search selection and you can click on plans by room of choice to narrow the search....Ex: click on the plans tab and click on bedroom in the search box.

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Storage Beds

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Using a Bed for Storage

Glad we are talking about this. On the Kreg Newsletter site today there is posted a pedestal bed with storage is is beautiful. Maybe Ana and her team can take the idea and give us some plans. Here is a link: