Warping wood problems :(

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Warping wood problems :(
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I went to the lumber yard and picked out some straight 1x6s (pine) for a project and laid them flat on my basement floor. After a few days these boards had noticeably warped! It's hard enough finding straight boards without dealing with this.

It's kinda discouraging me to build any projects because I fear the same thing is going to happen (buy straight wood, take it home and it warps).

What is the solution to this? I can't work with the wood as it is now. Am I better off buying oak? Or kiln dried lumber, will that have less desire to warp?

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Wood warping is almost

Wood warping is almost exclusively caused by moisture. You may have better success with kiln dried products but the best thing you can do is not store them in a basement. Basements have higher humidy/moisture content in the air. If you must store them in the basement try putting something heavy on them with the boards laying on the floor. (That way they cannot bend if they want to.)

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A sad fact of life

Wood just likes to move. Last night, I planed a block of wood flat for the leg of a stool I built for my mother in law. I know for certain it was flat. By the time, about an hour later, I was fitting it into it's dado on the bottom of the stool, it had already cupped slightly. At that point it was pretty exhausted and just wanted to be done and go to bed, so I applied a chisel to the side of the dado and opened it up just enough to fit the leg. And promptly glued and nailed it in, before it could get any funny ideas about moving more.