Master Bathroom

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This was a bathroom remodel. We installed new windows new tub new sicks. Made a tub suround and tiled the whole bathroom with marble tile. Lots to watch for on projects like this. Yu need to watch for tile spacing and gettin everything square. Also watch your cuts. Get fast setting mud for yur walls the slower it sets harder it is to go up the wall. Crown molding watch your angles we used cheater blocks in tge corner one thts what the guy wanted and liked. The pillar is fasted into a rough joice and the bottom is also fastend same with to each ends of rhe wall. Then wrap with trim. Its a long process thtll test your patients but yull get it start small and then go big

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Stain and high gloss finish
Estimated Cost: 


This DYI project is interesting, I would love to try it for my home. I keep a track of all your DYI projects and I think these are easy to do for anyone. I have some queries regarding the bathroom, if you were to remodel your bathroom what kind of toilet for your bathroom would you choose?