Modified Wide Cabin Dresser

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I live in a small mobile home, so I didn't make the dresser as wide. I also used a little combo of the 2x4 look from the Rustic X Console (which I already made a modified version of) I liked the 2x4 look and I wanted the dresser a little sturdier because I was making it a little taller without a bottom shelf. It's 44" wide and 40" tall. I wanted a space where my dog could have her bed out of the way (you can already see her in her spot :) ) Because I didn't make it as wide I also thought 3 drawers to the top would be too busy, so I put two to the top and one large bottom drawer. It is already given me more room for clothes.

I have to estimate on skill level and time, because I do it here and there, but I probably finsihed this with in a week. I haven't been real good at keeping track of costs because I have bought wood here and there, but this may have been around a $100 more or less?

This was also my first project with drawers. The first was a toughie...but the other two went right in (???).

But I am proud of it and love it! Without Ana and her website I wouldn't have been able to do it....

I also have 4 other dogs who started out as more space saving projects on my list....tons to do! So, please don't look at any mess, still lots of work in progress :)

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
I used 2 coats Behr paint and primer "Corner Stone" and Rust O Leum Dark Walnut stain (I've used Minwax before, but thought I would give it a shot). I paint and stain my pieces before I put everything together. This is just my preference I find it not as frustrating as trying to paint a big piece and getting into odd spots. The finish is what seems to be the most time consuming, waiting for the drying between coats. Before staining, I sanded around edges of pieces some enough to expose some wood. I also use a small brush for my stain mostly making a streak where the exposed wood was, use it sparingly and wipe immediately, letting the rag do the rest of the work in some places. I found this gives me the finished effect I like vs. other techniques I have seen or tried.
Estimated Cost: