Natural Look of Rustic X Coffee Table

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This is my first real woodworking project. This is my version of the Rustic X coffee table. Was made from raw lumber, not what you normally buy at a lumber store. Made of White pine. It wasn't planed either haha. That took me lots of extra time sanding and evening things out. But I do love the knots! After everything was assembled, I used an ebony wood filler in some of the cracks around the knots or any slight splits to add more to that rustic look. I sure to love the fact I made that decision! After that set up for a few hours, I used a natural stain. Only one coat. I sealed it with about 4 coats of glossy polyurethane. I definitely made some mistakes and learned from them. Although, I have to say the Kreg jig is my most favorite tool! If you don't have one, GET ONE! Best invention ever. I am actually onto my second project. I am making the matching end tables out of the same wood, same tree, so they will all be identical. I cant wait to get them all finished and displayed in my living room!

White Pine
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Cabot Natural Stain with glossy polyeurethane. make sure you use the finishing sponge in between each coat to get that super smooth mirror shine


You did a beautiful job for your first project, I love the finish. I love my Kreg jig too, it was my Christmas present to myself. I used the little single jig to build a project, man what a difference the upgrade makes!

were did you get the corner brackets? i have been looking everywhere thanks in advance