Swiveled Bookshelf with Mirror and Cork Board

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I saw a cabinet like this on Pottery Barn's website (for $600) and I knew I wanted to build it for my 12 year old niece and could do it cheaper. I have only built one other thing so I am a beginner. I do not recommend this as a first project because if it wasn't for my husband figuring out the "lazy susan" part and fixing a couple other "oops" then it would not have turned out as great as it did.

I started with the plans for the 5 Cube Tower Bookshelf and then went from there. I ended up with only 4 shelves because of a miscalculation on my part. I cut off the legs and added crown molding to the top. Used plywood for the 3 layered base and quarter round for the decorative look. The base is heavy, which I wanted because of the 2 pegs on opposite sides for hanging things (she's 12 and purses, scarfs, clothes...there is no telling what will be hung there). I added molding to both side of each opening so that as it spun things would not slide off. I have no explanation for the lazy susan because my husband figured all of that out.

The Cork board and mirrors were easy. I bought the cork in a pack of 4 squares at Walmart and the mirrors in a pack of 6 squares from Lowes. We placed and glued them on before adding the molding around the edge. Fyi: I tried to use the $5 full mirror from Walmart but it was to wide. I bought some cute buttons and cut off the loop part to glue flat metal tacks to the back. She now has decorative thumb tacks. I painted it white and then top coated it with polyurethane.

We absolutely love this and so does she. It is in her room and I think looks amazing. Can't wait to share my next projects that are almost complete.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
White paint and polyurethane
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So great! I just found this at PB Teens last night and thought NO WAY! For $600!!! I had exactly the same idea as you did.... Build a 5 cube tower and make it spin. Ana rocks! Thanks for sharing!