Floating Desk Installation???

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Floating Desk Installation???
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I would love to see a plan of a floating desk using MDF or wood (whichever is lighter/cheaper). I have a bedroom that I would like to add a floating desk to. I want one that will go down an entire wall, though (12-16 feet long). I feel confident doing one 3-4 feet long, but how do you reinforce the middle of a floating desk that long? I like the clean modern look so just a white (painted) slab about 1.5-2 inches thick and about 20 inches deep. I want this to be a desk that 2-3 chairs could be parked under and sturdy enough to hold a couple of computer monitors, textbooks and accessories.

I would like a minimalist modern look....just a smooth glossy white plank that reaches from corner to corner of the room (a side wall). Here are a few links of what I am explaining:

This is exactly the look I mean, just a LOT longer>>>> http://cdn.decorpad.com/photos/2008/04/01/608c72319d52.jpg

Great example, just imagine it in white without the block on the right end>>> http://cdn.homedit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/floating-modern-desk.jpg

Another example>>> http://minimalistpackrat.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/the-minimalists-...

I believe to do this it would work if I put a cleat along the back and two sides of the desk, connecting to studs and build the desk on it for support, but will this be enough? If brackets had to be added under the desk top, I would love for them to be shallow enough to be hidden by a small apron along the front, bottom edge of the desk. Well....enough rambling. I would LOVE to see a plan for a totally (or as close as possible) floating desk. Please, does anyone have a working plan for this? Thanks in advance for any replies!