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Hey Y'All!
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Hi my name is Susan and I am from GA, I came upon Ana's site about six months ago and became so inspired that I immediately made a list of tools that I needed to get started. When I told my hubby that I wanted to start building furniture I think he thought, "Here she goes again!" I tend to be a craftaholic.....I do all the research buy all the tools and then can't ever really seem to get started. So I'm sure he didn't actually think I would follow through, but hey he might get some tool cools out of the deal. Our date nights were spent at Lowes and Home Depot picking up every tool in the store asking him "what would I use this for" and he would explain it to me. Finally on I decided that I had done enough research and was ready to buy the wood, yet another learning experience, we must have gone thru 2 pallets of 2x4's looking for the straight ones. Well its been a few weeks and I have now completed my first project. I made the Rustic X Console Table all by myself. I cut the wood, I drilled the holes, I sanded, I painted, I stained......best of all I finished it!!! My husband was so proud that he actually bragged about me to his work buddies. I know that this is just the first of many projects to come!!!!

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It is an addicting hobby! We

It is an addicting hobby!

We recently moved to the East Coast from the Midwest. I had always built stuff as a hobby...I have been in the shop 5 days a week building pieces for clients in the DC area!

Such a great feeling creating something from scratch! Good job and keep at it!