Painting MDF or PVC Laminated Pieces

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Painting MDF or PVC Laminated Pieces
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Can you paint MDF or PVC Laminated Pieces?
What products can be used? Any Tips?

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Painting MDF and Laminate

In my experience, the short answer is yes to both. MDF absorbs A LOT of paint compared to wood, and sometimes unevenly. You get better results brushing instead of spraying and I would recommend a thicker paint. I've only painted one laminated piece before. I made sure to really give it a good prep-sand and used a decent primer. I had no problems with adhesion after that. I'm not an Annie Sloan user, but I know lots of ladies who use it right over laminate without any prep and they say it's great.

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Yes You Can

I use MDF when I want a large very smooth surface. You can easily paint it but it requires a number of steps to be successful:

1. Seal all edges/sides with vinyl spackling. Let it dry and sand smooth. This helps prevent moisture from getting into the fibers.

2. Prime with an oil-based primer.

3. Then go ahead and paint with the paint of your choice. I prefer oil-based spray paint and it may take you two or three coats.

4. When you purchase screws there are those that are designed for MDF and wood, but in any case pre-drill the holes. Very important.

I have never tried laminate.

Good Luck