Stacked Twin Murphy Bed

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Stacked Twin Murphy Bed
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I would love a different kind of Murphy bed similar to the one at the bottom of this post -

I'm way too new to try to create the plans though! Any help out there?

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I second this one. I found a great murphy twin bunk bed I would love to have plans for.

This would be great for a spare room!

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This is what I'm looking for Too! Cries for help please!!!!

I can't afford the thousands of dollars but this is what I need. My house is 700sqft and the second bedroom is my nursery and my guest room for international family that's stays for months at a time. It would be a life saver to have plans. This website made a very sturdy one and that's why I need. Please hear our cries for help :) thanks your awesome Ana

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The trick with Murphy beds

The trick with Murphy beds is the weight. Without an expensive spring or piston mechanism, you could end up with something that will be heavy to close and potentially dangerous to open.

But this got me thinking, the only way you don't need a spring is if it has near neutral balance. Although that has a bunch of other challenges. Oh, and it is slightly taller and longer than the 6'8" of a standard door frame, so it needs to separate into pieces.

My idea would still have some weight, but about 1/3 of it is behind the pivot point, and there are some spots where it would catch, like a detent as it lowers.

I'm getting better with Sketchup so I had to draw it up. I think I got it, but there are enough aspects of it that seem, uh, sketchy, that I don't think it should be posted as a plan unless someone actually builds it and fully tests the plan, the load, and the movement. I haven't written steps, I only have a general idea of assembly so it will go together.

It doesn't need a Kreg jig, but will require precision cuts and drilling. It will take 2 sheets of plywood, a bunch of 1x lumber, and 12 hinges. I should probably add 2 sheets of veneer to cover the back, since it is bound to scrape the wall.

If someone is determined, contact me & I'll send you the Sketchup file.