Finger jointed wood

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Finger jointed wood
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Can someone please explain to me the difference between finger jointed and treated wood? The only thing I can find online about finger jointed wood is that you don't want to use it for building anything that will be kept outdoors. Is this wood reliable to build furniture with?

any help is appreciated.

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Let's See

Well to me, treated lumber is your outdoor use lumber, for posts, shed bases, legs for wooden tables etc. Anything that will be unfinished and touch the ground or be exposed to weather. Usually chemicals are impregnated into the wood to prevent rot. Now finger jointed wood is when two boards are physically put together with a Finger Joint, usually for long long boards or arches etc. It is a specialty wood joint. They look like you are interlocking your fingers together.

Any wood can be used outdoors you just have to use the correct finish like Spar-Varnish for example.

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