Good sturdy dresser

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Good sturdy dresser
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I am so tired of cheap dressers that all apart in a year. Here is a beautiful dresser that Kevin Bergstrom from Kreg Jig forum had designed and built himself. He included the plans that he sketched up himself. He is obviously a more advanced woodworker because his plans are pretty simple..a one sheet of paper with dimensions randomly scribbled. I love everything about this dresser and cannot find any plans that are similar.

Ana, could you write out plans for this dresser? This would be perfect in a little girls room.

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Madison Dresser

Have you seen the Madison Dresser?

It's a typical dresser style but I did see in the brag post pictures that someone made it into a chest. And it wouldn't be too hard of a plan to alter just make it taller and take off one side of drawers. But an all in one plan could be nice too. (This one was done by Old Paint Design and not Ana)