Help! Can't get Kreg Jig to work

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Help! Can't get Kreg Jig to work
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So I am ready to finish a simple project and I purchased a Kreg Jig Jr. to do a few pocket holes. But I cant get the thing to work. I set it up with the Kreg face clamp, adjusted drill bit and guide setting for 1/2 inch plywood (birch) and when I go to drill -- NOTHING. The drill only makes marks and splintering in wood. No holes. After days of trying unsuccesfully on different materials and making sure everything was set properly, I contacted Kreg. Tried troubleshooting problem, and found nothing wrong. But jig still did not work. They sent out a new jig. New jig same problem! Please can someone help figure what I am doing wrong? I have photos of my set up. I've watched tons of videos on using the jig. It seems completely straightforward, so what am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

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Troubleshooting help

Since you tried two jigs and had the same problem, I would suggest ruling out other issues. Try the drill with a different bit and a scrap piece of the same wood.

I can't really tell your level of experience so please don't be offended- make sure your drill isn't set on reverse. I've done that before!

If you have access to a different drill, try that with the Kreg bit and see what happens (borrow from a neighbor?)

Good Luck!

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I agree with Lauren ... either the drill is in reverse or seriously underpowered.

Less likely, you aren't tightening the chuck hard enough, or aren't pushing hard enough on the drill to get it to make the hole.

Read the manual with the drill and see how to change drilling direction and try the other way. If you don't have the manual, it's usually a lever right above the drill's trigger ... whatever direction it's flipped, move it all the way the other way.

Try drilling a hole straight into a 2x4 scrap and see what happens. Then flip that lever and see what happens.

(and we ALL forget the drill direction at least once per project)

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Mark the area where you drill

Mark the area where you drill a hole, or simply ask from technical people hoe to make a drill. - James Stuckey

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drill in reverse maybe?

verify the drill is set in "forward" mode instead of reverse. if is in reverse,