Stripped countersunk screw

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Stripped countersunk screw
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It won't come out :( I'm building this . I have my wood pieces cut for the first step, and when I tried to attach the 2x2 to the 2x6, the screw stripped and the pieces are crooked and now I can't get the screw out. I've tried the rubber band method to no avail. It's so far gone I feel that I may have to suck it up and cut new pieces of wood to start over, but I was hoping for a last minute miracle before I go through that trouble (and waste!)

Any ideas are greatly appreciated :) Thanks.

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Stripped screw

I have a little Easy-out type tool that can be chucked up in your drill and If you have a phillips type screw it will grab the "X" part of the screw head and back the screw out. I believe that the tool was purchased at Sears Hardware.
I hope that this helps.

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Nothing worse than a striped

Nothing worse than a striped screw ( I am assuming it is the head ) I looked at the plans and I have taken an old heavy screwdriver and notched the striped hole on either side so I could get a regular flat head screwdriver to catch and get them out that way. Do not use a drill you can’t control it, just do it by hand if that does not work I would cut the 2x2 and just grab ahold of one end apply some outward pressure and twist the board around until you can get a pair of vice grips on it, better to lose the 2x2 than the 2x6 Good Luck

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Drilling a hole in a concrete

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