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Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know what we've been up to.

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Step 1: 

We finally got all the mechanical systems finished up, and the rooms cleaned up

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And drywall got delivered.

Once we got it upstairs, lots of this started happening ....

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After months of hours and hours of work with little to show for it, it's shocking how hanging a sheet of drywall can totally feel like you've accomplished so much. You can spend all day drilling holes and threading wires through studs, and feel like you did nothing. You can hang a sheet of drywall in minutes, and step back and say, wow! we are getting tons done!

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To celebrate, the Ram gets a new tool. It's a drywall gun that you can adjust to perfectly set drywall screws.

For those of you who have mudded drywall, is there anything more annoying than screws not quite set?

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And it holds the screw in place, so you can reach up high and attach drywall. This day has been a long time coming, and you've helped us get here. Those of you who comment and encourage, thank you - your support has been huge. And those of you just reading, thank you as well - our Mom's are way too polite to urge us on and knowing you are reading has kept us motivated and encouraged. You've gotten us to this point.
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Step 15: 

After all these months - almost two years now - the Momplex is finally beginning to look like home inside.

There's still a ton to do, and I promise, I won't skip out on all the details of how we do drywall, but for now,

Thought you just might want to enjoy the new, improved view from inside the Momplex.

Truly, thank you.