Distress or not to Distress

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Distress or not to Distress
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Distress or not to Distress I personally cannot bring myself to beat, scratch, ding, or dent anything I build. I have had a few people say they wanted me to distress of piece of furniture for them and I tell them after I build it they are more than welcome to come by the house and beat on it to their hearts content, and if they chip to bear wood I will touch it up and then put the finishing coat on it. I have a Dining table that has worn out the legs and support more than once and I have rebuilt the legs but you can go around that table and I can tell you my family life time stories. There is the dent that my Grandpa did on Thanksgiving when he dropped the Pitcher of ice tea. Those scarcest over there is wear my son and that huge belt buckle made as he would reach across the table at meal time. There are some cuts and scarcest where my daughter was learning to cook and was chopping vegetables without a cutting board, and many more. So let the furniture age with grace not by a hammer, screwdriver, and a shock full of who knows what. Now I know people like the antique look and who can blame them so I paint not beat for that old look.