Favourite Staining brands available in Australia

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Favourite Staining brands available in Australia
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I really like the Minwax stains that Ana uses and it's great to see the colours on actual furniture. Unfortunately as most Aussies know the full gamut of minwax products are not available in Australia. I also like the Rust-oleum one coat stain that Whitney and Ashley (Shanty -2-chic) use but that's not available in Australia either.

I'm new to woodworking and staining. Hoping that fellow Ana White fans could provide some feedback on the brand and colours of stains they have used that are readily available in Australia and not overly expensive. As I start to use stains I will provide feedback too so hopefully we can help each other out.

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Minwax in Australia

Hi Michelle, You may already have this info but there is a company in Melbourne that supplies Minwax - globak.com.au.
I've found them great to deal with. $10 flat rate delivery, usually within about a week. It may just be a supermarket brand in the States, but Minwax is so much better than anything I've found on the shelves in Australia. Highly recommend their pre-wood conditioner, stain and fast-dry polyurethane.

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Minwax in Australia

I agree with monster... the minwax polycrylic is AMAZING!!!!!! I got mine from them too, but thru ebay. 100% happy, and glad I went with this that whats available at bunnings!

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Home Hardware in NSW now stock a wide-ish range of MinWax products.

Recently I have been trying to find out why we don't use lacquer here in Australia - a lot of US tutorials call for it - especially WWMM and especially using spray can lacquer.