SketchUp and Cut List Plug-In

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SketchUp and Cut List Plug-In
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I have been looking and looking and have not yet found my answer...

I just started with SketchUp yesterday so I'm very new... My question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere....

Many plans here require two different board widths... So my question is... Is there a way to have the CutList Plug-In show me more than one board width?... It seems like I can only pick one board width for my cut lists?.... So say like I'm using 1x6 and 1x4... It would create a cut list for both board widths if that makes sense?...

Any ideas?...

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Multiple Board Sizes

In the layout section, you can select multiple thicknesses, but not multiple widths. As painful as it is, if you want multiple widths, you have to first do the components of one width, and then the components of the other.

I think, though, that you can turn off the option to split wide parts, but you lose some functionality that way.