Toddler Bunk Bed Plans

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Toddler Bunk Bed Plans
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There is a post in BRAGS about toddler bunk beds. It seems to be a super popular brag and the person who posted was sharing the plans. Since it was started so long ago it seems like the poster is not replying to comments anymore. Is there anyone who received those plans and could share them with me?
Thank you for any help you can offer...

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Same here

Also looking for those plans, but the original poster of the brag pics doesn't seem to be responding anymore. Would love the plans too.

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Relative to mattress size

The Classic Bunk Beds are for a standard twin, 39" x 75". So, measure your mattress and adjust accordingly:
End rails: width - 1.5"
Front & back rails: length + 5.5"
Top bunk rails: length - 11" (these pieces are missing from the cut list in the plan)

If you make it shorter, just the legs and ladder side need adjusting.