Building a tall, skinny cabinet

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Building a tall, skinny cabinet
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I need to make a tall, skinny storage cabinet for a small room. I'm thinking something like 12" deep, 14" wide and probably 75" or so tall because the room has a high ceiling in the corner I want to place a cabinet.

I've been looking at the Simplest Amoire plans, and the master closet plans, thinking I can make one of the closet shelving units and add a door like in the amoire plans. I'l probably secure it to a wall stud somehow, so it won't be liable to tip.

Do you guys think this combination would work, or is there another plan on this site that I missed that would work better?

Thanks so much!

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Tall Skinny Cabinet Plans

Your idea will definitely work, I have made a couple of cabinets that same way and just adjusted for the size I wanted. A good plan with similar dimensions to what you are looking for is the Craft Room storage tower -

This plan is just a bit wider but can be adjusted to make it narrower and adjust for height. This plan is great because it includes instructions to build the door, and you could use glass or wood for the door panels.

Another great plan is the Willy bookcase plan, skyscraper size:

Happy building!