Electric sprayer - worth trying?

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Electric sprayer - worth trying?
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I see in one of the tutorials Ana is using a sprayer that looks like it might be an electric sprayer. I'm wondering if anyone knows what it is.

It is here: http://ana-white.com/2012/09/antique-white-using-minwax-stain-marker

Also wondering if anyone has any experience using electric paint sprayers on furniture projects. Did you find there was a ton of overspray? And was the finish nice? Do they spray fine enough?

I have tons of experience using an HVLP sprayer at work for cabinets, but have never used an electric. The reviews I've read so far say they are pretty much useless for furniture. I have an electric one (a $90 cheapy my husband got me for Mothers' Day) sitting in a box and am wondering if it is worth trying it for a table and chairs project or if I should return it. I'd love to invest in an airless or HVLP system but that is way beyond my budget of $100.

Any thoughts?