Get Out Of Jail Free Card

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Man was it ever a great feeling to put the last sheet of drywall up in the Momplex!  There were a few hundred sheets, and some of those sheets were 54" wide and 12' long, so this is a huge accomplishment for us!  Thanks for keeping us encouraged throughout!

With the drywall hung, it's time to finish the drywall with mud and tape.

Jealous much?

This is going to make a giant giant mess, so the Ram taped painter's paper all over the floors to protect them.

For a guy that claims he can't wrap Christmas gifts .... well, he's pretty darn good at wrapping floors in paper.

I'm pretty sure he's on gift wrapping duty this next Christmas.

We ran out of tape so my stash of painting tape got raided.  We'll be regretting that in about two weeks.  

And then we went shopping.

How do you feel when you look at the "starter pack" of mud we'll need to get the Momplex drywall finished?  Yeah, I hear you.

Whenever we take on a massive project - like our house, or garage, or cabin - whatever it may be, we always give ourselves one "Get Out of Jail Free Card", or one step that we do not DIY ourselves and hire out to a contractor.

We usually wait until the very, very end, hoping to not have to use the "Get Out of Jail Free Card", as any time you don't do things yourself, you have to pay someone else.  And we're always on a DIY budget.

For our house, we finished the house, and waited a full year with the siding almost done, before finally using our "Get Out of Jail Free" card on the rock work on the front of the house.  It's the only part of our house that isn't DIY.

We finally decided to hire this part out because neither the Ram or I had experience with stone veneer and wanted to see it done right first hand.  And even with the loads of information available online, we were concerned about stone veneer in our extreme cold climate.  

So we used our Get Out of Jail Free card there.

On the Momplex, we've been at it for two years now, and we have decided to use our Get Out of Jail Free card. 

We've gone back and forth on this one, and here's why we've decide to hire out the mudding and taping:

1. The tools needed to properly mud and tape this large of a space will cost as much as hiring it out.  For smaller jobs, like a single room or an addition, you can apply the tape by hand (we did our entire home ourselves), but it's much more time consuming than having the right tools.

2. We hate mudding and taping.  If we loved it, we'd have invested in the right tools and been excited about doing more mudding and taping.  But frankly, the Ram's a framer, and my thing is finish carpentry, and that's where we'd like to spend our tool budgets.  So taking the plunge and purchasing the tools just to break even didn't make sense to us.

3.  Our friend's Dad is a professional drywall finisher, with all the tools, and we think it's a win-win whenever you can work with good, hardworking people that does quality work.

4.  I can't spill these beans (or should I say bean?) just yet .... 

So, meet Pete!

He's one of our good friend's dad

And has all the tools to do professional drywalling.  We are so thankful he's helping us out with the mudding and taping.

This is one of the tools that Pete uses to set the tape.  It gets filled right up with mud.

And it also holds the drywall tape and dispenses it.  Kinda like a super tape dispenser.

Anyone that's every set tape by hand in corners will appreciate this.

And you'll really appreciate this - that wall to ceiling corner is the worst, isn't it? 

Once the tape is up, Pete has a few more tools to finish setting it.

And that's one corner done.  

For the flat joints (tapered and butt joints) the same tape setting tool is used bed the joint in mud and apply the tape.

And then a drywall knife is used to smooth the mud out.

This is done on the tapered seam around the middle and all the butt joints.

And on the ceilings too.

The first coat of mud is done!

So what do you think, right time to use our Get Out of Jail Free Card?

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