Giveaway: DSLR Cameras for You and a Friend!

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Something just for fun today!

Want to discover other amazing sites, and maybe win a camera (or two) while you are at it?

Win one Canon Rebel Camera for you to keep and then win another to give to a friend...Seriously.

Welcome Summer! It's time to start taking beautiful pictures of awesome-sauce summer memories!  Walks on the beach, Pool time,Evening Hikes,Birthday Parties, Family Reunions.....your DOG!  Or how about all that amazing furniture you are making???

I am so excited to be able to team up with a fabulous group of sites to give not only one camera away but TWO! WAHOO.

PS -  Share this giveaway with your friends to increase your odds of winning!  Just make sure they know if they win, you are the firend that gets the second camera!


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Enter Here and get all the info.

Please note I am participating in this giveaway and have contributed to the prize package, but am not responsible for actually shipping the cameras out.  I will update the top of this post with the winner when announced and the winner will be contacted directly.  

Good luck to you!