Ventilation in Back of Media Cabinet?

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Ventilation in Back of Media Cabinet?
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I've completed a few builds so far (side table, changing table, king size bed) and am thinking about working on a media cabinet to replace out old Ikea one. However, I'm not sure what to do about getting good ventilation in the back for all of our components (cable box, Wii, Xbox, etc). However, we need something with doors to hide at least some of the components since we'll have a walking baby in a year. I was thinking about the Benchmark of something similar:

I was wondering if maybe I could make the back out of pegboard instead of plywood? Maybe even leave the top drawers off and the back off behind the drawers as well (that way the worst offenders, the Xbox and cable box, would have a place to be well ventilated)? Would just having a back on the bottom give enough stability? Any other ideas?

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Could work (pegboard), but

Could work (pegboard), but why not just use a hole saw to cut holes for all the component wires?

We have used a small wired fan before (specifically made for cooling computers and media components, I can't remember the brand) that had a trigger switch we would turn on when we used the wii/xbox.

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Important Concern

You bring up a very good point. Certainly you need ventilation holes in the back but I would also consider little pads to raise each component a small amount off of the shelf to allow ventilation underneath. A little fan is also a good idea but if you have a ceiling fan the air is probably already in motion.


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My thoughts

Peg board is not the stongest wood out there. I think if it was me,
I would just cut a few medium sized squares in the back to allow easy access for wires as well as for heat to escape.

This is common in a media center. I would worry about this for the Xbox as if it overheats Microsoft wont be rushing you a replacement one, but if your cable box overheats they will send you a new one!

I always left my cable box on 24/7 for that reason as it was easier on universal remote!